Modern Family Season 10 Ep. 11 Recap

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Modern Family returns after the winter break with episode 11 called “A Moving Day.”  The episode is based around Haley moving out of her family’s house to get a place with Dylan as they prepare for the arrival of their baby.  Cam’s sister gets let out of prison and lets all chaos rule.  Finally, Gloria tells Jay to tell Manny that his new girlfriend is pushing him around, it obviously doesn’t go well.

The episode begins with Haley packing up and moving into her new place.  Claire is not happy about it and doesn’t think that Haley and Dylan are ready for the responsibility of owning a house or having a child together.  Claire and Phil go to see the new place and see that it is a converted garage that barely fits them and will definitely not fit a baby.  Whilst talking about how small the place is Haley realizes she is late to her sonogram appointment and hurries to get there accompanied by a smug Claire who thinks that Haley can’t do this, and Dylan.  Once at the sonogram Haley finds out she is having twins and freaks out.  Claire calms her down and tells her she will help and will be there for her, as well as, Haley’s mom instincts will kick in.  Claire tells Haley that she will move back home.

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Picture Source: Modern Family, ABC

Cam’s sister Pam gets let out of prison and Cam thinks that Mitchell is the one who wrote a letter to help her leave earlier.  This is not the case as Mitchell thought that the sentence was fair and that Pam did the crimes for which she is in prison for.  Pam tells Mitchell that she knows everything and that she will tell Cam that Mitchell didn’t help her if Mitchell doesn’t give her all of his air miles.  Mitchell reluctantly agrees to keep Cam from finding out and wires her the miles.  However, Pam is not satisfied, she tells Mitchell that she doesn’t want the miles anymore and instead wants to live in the upstairs apartment.  Mitchell caves and tells Cam that he did nothing to help his sister get out of jail.  The conversation ends with Pam manipulating them both and they agree to help her get on her feet.  Mitchell then receives a package of Pam’s clothes that her mom sent her from a few days before she got out of jail and realizes he got played.  He tells Pam that he is onto her and that he will be watching her.  Pam tells him that he is a little man and shuts the door in his face as he screams “are those our lamps.”

Jay and Gloria interfere with Manny’s love life by Gloria sending Jay to tell Manny that his girlfriend is controlling by telling him how to move his furniture and where they were going to spend time.  Manny freaks out and rethinks how much control in the relationship he has.  Sherry, Manny’s girlfriend, tells Jay that Gloria is controlling and that she doesn’t let him do the things he wants to do and that he needs to confront her.  Obviously confronting Gloria is a terrible idea and she tells Jay he needs to be more assertive but tells him he can cook his own food.  Phil arrives at Jay’s and tells him that Gloria promised him that Jay will help with fixing Haley’s apartment and voices his concerns over how terrible the apartment is.  Jay tells Phil that he also didn’t have much faith in Phil and Claire when they first moved out.  Jay gives worldly advice to Phil that things don’t go as planned and that he will forget all the trouble in a few years when he is playing with his grand kids.


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