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Netflix’s Frontier – Season 3 Review

The stakes are personal in season 3 of #FrontierNetflix.
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At the finale of Netflix’s second season of Frontier, the entirety of Declan Harp’s (Jason Momoa) professional and personal life was at a crossroads. With Grace (Zoe Boyle) being kidnapped by Lord Benton (Alun Armstrong) and Michael (Landon Liboiron) running the vestiges of the Black Wolf Company somewhat into the ground, Harp’s world is complicated to say the least.

With Harp, McTaggart (Jamie Sives) and Charleston (Demetrius Grosse) tracking Grace through the upper reaches of Canada’s far north, Michael attempts a tet-a-tet with Sokanon and the Lake Walkers. Word of Michael’s double-dealing has reached Kamenna’s ears and while they are interested in the better dealings of the Black Wolf Company, there is a lot of danger involved with it (not to mention the bounty on Michael’s head).

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In the society parlors of Montreal, Douglas Brown (Allen Hawco) has reduced his murdered wife’s company to a non-competing, bankrupt entity. Josephette (Karen LeBlanc)-the late Elizabeth Carruthers right-hand-brings a ‘come to Jesus’ moment with Douglas but it falls on deaf ears. With Samuel Grant (Shawn Doyle) and his henchman/lover Cobbs Pond (Greg Bryk) running amok and threatening the Brown brothers with utter financial ruin, Douglas turns even further to the bottle and Malcolm Brown turns to Michael for a fortuitous deal.

As Harp and McTaggart land in Scotland (less Charleston, who died en route), still chasing after Grace and Lord Benton, they face clans who aren’t exactly happy to see McTaggart back in the Highlands. After Harp somewhat wins a drinking game (while hurling his guts up and basically getting alcohol poisoning), the clan agrees to a foolhardy plan of attacking Lord Benton’s rented fortress.

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Back in Canada, Michael’s latest partnership with a man named O’Reilly proves fruitful and suspect. While Sokanon (Jessica Matten) hasn’t been a part of the Black Wolf Company, she’s kept a weather eye on things because of a multitude of First Nations girls being sold into forced marriages to white colonizers. Her reconnaissance turns dangerous when she and Mary (Breanne Hill) end up in a convent, awaiting “conversion” and marriage to a stranger. Behind this nefarious scheme: O’Reilly, Michael’s new partner.

After Sokanon strategizes a convent break and rescues all of the kidnapped women, O’Reilly is dispatched in a manner befitting his foul nature. While it’s touch and go when Sokanon and Michael are blamed for his murder, O’Reilly’s own kidnapped widow points the finger at his lieutenant, thus saving Sokanon and Michael.

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In Scotland, ambush day is upon the team and Harp is intent on his revenge. While Benton psychologically manipulates Grace by bringing her long-absent father back into the fold, Harp is given some incredible information and offer by the stronghold’s owner, Lord Fisher. After believing his wife and child were murdered at Benton’s behest, Fisher says Harp’s son is alive and enslaved on a plantation. With that final piece of devastation, Harp ends Benton’s days with a flick of his wrist and a slice across the throat. Thus endeth Lord Benton of the Hudson Bay Company.

Season 3 of Frontier is an intensely satisfying race from beginning to end. At a paltry 6 episodes, the viewer is pulled in from the get-go and it doesn’t let up. If life is fair, we’ll get a season 4 of the show and an out for justice Declan Harp moving heaven and earth to find his kidnapped son. Make it so Netflix!

You can binge seasons 1-3 of Frontier on Netflix currently.

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