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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 7 “Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1”

Episode 7 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is one of the best not only of this part/season but of the entire series stretching over the past 120 episodes.

The first thing to be mentioned, starting just a few minutes into the episode is the torture dance. The four panels from the manga have become iconic within the fandom and in this episo,de the long-awaited moment of having that scene animated finally came to pass. David Production did not disappoint in this manner. The four panels were stretched into almost a full minute music video. Even the song choice was perfect, a rip off of Prince’s “Pussy Control” from the album Gold Experience.


But a long-awaited community inside joke can certainly make an episode good on its own, it can not make it one of the best. Beyond the torture dance, the gang’s interaction continues to be a delight to watch as they stand about the boat discussing their current predicament. The second star of the episode, after the dance, though is really Mista and his stand Sex Pistols (Six Bullets).


The lunch set up, where in the midst of an incredibly time-sensitive mission, Mista sets up a fancy meal complete with tablecloth and a bottle of wine on the side. As Giorno berates him about their lack of time, Mista calmly informs him that everyone eats lunch, no matter what. It is here Sex Pistols are introduced as Mista feeds not himself but for them with the lunch, before having to convince them like children to go to work as opposed to taking a nap. Even the functioning of Sex Pistols is wonderful to see animated as the stand is not the gun itself like Hol Horse’s but instead the stand kicks around the bullets to get them to their target even if Mista himself can’t see them.


The episode also displayed the classic Joproblem-solving. Moody Blues being used to find what had been plotted against the gang and Gold Experience used to get Giorno and Mista to shore before the boat arrived. Then on shore the way the pair both intended to find the second Stand User and how Giorno warned Mista were prime. The single problem with the episode was the continuation of Giorno’s “I have a dream” that is starting to get old.

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