The Nutcracker

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The movie stars Mackenzie Foy as Clara and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer. Spoiler alert! I am going to talk about specific things that went on in this movie so if you don’t want to know skip this article.

I grew up watching The Nutcracker in the holiday season. I know the story well. Disney did a wonderful job on this production. The wardrobe was beautifully done. The colors and contrasts were exquisite. The actors and actresses were spot on.

As I watched the movie I thought I was going to miss the ballet dancing as that is how I always watched it as a little girl. As I watched and got caught up in the story I got rewarded with a bit of ballet. Disney changed the story just a bit but they dd it well. Instead of Drosselmeyer being and uncle he was actually Clara’s mother’s adoptive father and an inventor. Clara’s mother was an inventor and it was a trait that Clara inherited.

Still in mourning over her mother’s death, Clara and her family decorate the house and tree and attend the holiday party thrown by Drosselmeyer. When Clara is given her gift from her mother by her father, she finds the key to this gift in the gift given to her by Drosselmeyer. In finding her gift from Drosselmeyer she is taken to another world where her mother was queen.

It is explained to her by the Sugar Plum Fairy how the realms are torn apart by Mother Ginger played by Helen Mirren. They are no longer able to bring life to other toys to help defend the united realms. Clara decides to help but in her own unique fashion. When given the key, the Sugar Plum Fairy turns on everyone and starts making actual soldiers.

Clara must find the courage and conviction to save the realms from the Sugar Plum Fairy. She teams up with Mother Ginger, the Mouse King and the Nutcracker.

I definitely recommend watching this movie. Especially for fans of The Nutcracker. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…