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Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 3 “As Above, So Below”

Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 3 "As Above, So Below"

After the riot, Archie gets locked in solitary consignment. The warden pays him a visit and forces Archie to start fighting in boxing matches against other boys in juvie. The warden won’t allow Archie’s dad to visit, but Fred says he’ll be contacting his lawyer to see his son. One night after a boxing match, Archie tosses his cell and finds a small rock hammer his old cellmate left. He plans to escape and take the other boys with him.

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Betty arrives home from school to find Edgar’s daughter, Evelyn, sitting in the living room with Alice, her sister and several people from the farm. Evelyn tells Betty she needs to divulge everything she’s ever done wrong to heal herself, but apparently, Alice has already told them everything, including details about Betty helping her move the dead body from their kitchen last season.

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Jughead tells Ethel that he’ll meet her in the underground bunker if she promises to give him the game manual for Griffins and Gargoyles. Later that night, he arrives at Dilton’s secret bunker to find Ethel sitting in front of a game set dressed as a princess. She eventually forces him to choose a cup he thinks doesn’t contain poison and drink from it. Jughead drinks from a cup and Ethel snatches the other and drinks it. Jughead rushes her to the hospital and saves her life. FP finds the manual Jughead has hidden in the trailer and with the help of Alice, he burns it.

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Veronica’s about to open the speakeasy under Pop’s. Everything’s almost finished and just before the big day arrives, she starts receiving threats. First, Penny shows up and tells Veronica that if she doesn’t agree to let the Ghoulies protect the speakeasy, something bad might happen. Then, a mysterious shipment of jingle-jangle shows up at the speakeasy the same day as the Sheriff. Veronica quickly traces the activity back to her father. She tries to blackmail him to leave her alone, but he’s always one step ahead.

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The episode ends with all of the students of Riverdale High finding the Griffins and Gargoyles manuals in their lockers. FP and Alice thought they burned the only copy, but Ethel made copies and put one in every locker at the school.

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What is this mysterious game and what do the adults of Riverdale know about it? Find out in the flash-back episode on TGON!

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