Always Sunny: Season 13, Episode 2 Review

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Picture Source: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FXX

Titled “The Gang Escapes” episode 2 of the thirteenth season of Always Sunny kept with modern trends well.  The episode featured the popular “Escape Rooms” as a way for the team to work together to escape out of Mac and Dennis’s apartment.

The episode starts with Dee telling the guys that playing the game would be super fun and that it would definitely be a fun way to bond.  After discussing how there is no prize, just a picture for the website, the guys make their own steaks (pun intended as they bet on who would have to buy steak dinners for the winners).

Once in the apartment the gang doesn’t even get through the instructions completely as Dee starts looking around as soon as she gets in the door and doesn’t listen to the game moderator.  Dee then says that she is the quarterback since she has done an Escape Room before and knows how the game works.  This, of course, leads to the gang laughing at her because she is a woman and cannot possibly be the quarterback as that position is traditionally male.  So the gang locks Dee in Dennis’s room, which yes has a lock on the outside.

Once left alone the guys start arguing about who the leader should be which leads to Team Dennis and Mac and Team Charlie and Frank.  Once split up both teams reveal that they have a lock or a key but not both and spend most of their time breaking things to find the missing piece.  Dee in Dennis’s room accidentally activates a sex dungeon and realizes that she cannot escape from Dennis’s room.

Finally, the two teams realize that they need to put together a truce to put the lock and key together they open the lock to reveal that the game has only started and that they have 20-30 more items to look for but only 4 mins left in the game.  Dee meanwhile climbed out of the window and walked on the ledge, screaming on the guys to let her in.  They don’t.  She falls.  The game moderator then opens the door screaming and the game ends.

The show ends with Dee in the hospital screaming that she will sue the guys for her injuries but they come in cheering that they won and it was all because Dee is the quarterback.  They give her the first bite of the steak and tell the moderator that they win because they got out of the room before time was up even though they didn’t follow the rules.


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