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Ballers – “No Small Talk” Review

Spencer finds someone who's monetary ambitions outweigh his own on #BallersHBO.
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As Spencer and Quincy’s relationship dives a bit deeper, we get a glimpse into just how grasping the young dude’s monetary ambitions are.

This season has shown just how far apart Joe and Spencer have been with the SportsX acquisition. While Spencer is hellbent on bringing football-in any capacity-into the fold, Joe is ready to continue to cultivate the extreme sports brand SportsX built itself upon. With help from Reggie (who’s looking out for Vernon and Sizzle’s investments within the company), Joe approaches a group of skaters who have a reputation for being bad a*s. Trying to relate to a crew of teenagers isn’t Joe (or Reggie’s) forte though. Instead of a meeting to lock down Illegal Civilization, they get hustled for a small fortune of chicken and waffles from Roscoe’s. Ç’est la vie.

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A little further south, Spencer and Quincy make a visit to USC. The goal: line Quincy’s pockets and get the Trojans to sign on with SportsX TV as their sole football network. Right off the bat problems arise. Guest star (and real-life former USC great) Rodney Peete lays it all out for Spence: they want Quincy but rights to the Trojans’ football team will cost SportsX a cool $200 million. Spence is not well-pleased.

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While the boys of ASM are dealing with more SportsX issues, Charles is filling out his Rams’ GM role nicely, or so he thinks. At a free agent soiree, he finds agent/friend/annoyance Jason has brought clients Ricky AND Kasan to vie over one wide receiver spot. Seeing Ricky getting along well with the Rams’ quarterback-and knowing his new regimen got his speed back-Charles thinks his decision might be a bit easier…until Kasan states his willingness to move to running back…for the right amount of money.

Poor, poor Charles. Never any rest for the weary.

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