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Shameless Season 9 Premier: “Are you there Shim? It’s me, Ian!”

Shameless Season 9 Premier: "Are you there Shim?It's me, Ian!"

Season 9 of Shameless premiered last night on Showtime and unlike Frank Gallagher, it did not disappoint! Being part of the Gallagher clan means your life is going to be a roller coaster ride. Each member of this eclectic family have their own set of issues.
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Fiona, opens this season in a relationship with Ford, her love interest from last season. She seems truly happy for a change. Although, we all know in Shameless, happiness doesn’t last long. She finds a second phone that Ford hasn’t told her about. When confronted, he tells her it’s an international phone so he can call his mom Patty in Ireland. Eventually, he tells her to hang onto it since she doesn’t believe him and while he’s at work, Fiona accidentally drops the phone in the toilet. Not to mention Ford doesn’t think Fiona should bail Ian out of jail…
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Ian opens the season in prison, leading a group of gay and transgender inmates to strike for their rights to equal sexual experiences. It’s clear that Ian still isn’t taking his Bipolar meds. Fiona offers to take a loan out on her apartment building to bail him out, but he’s more interested in the strike than he is getting released. When Fiona asks him if he’ll show up for his trial when she bails him out, he replies, “I have no idea where Shim is going to take me Fiona.” (He calls God Shim because he doesn’t know if it’s a man or a woman)

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Debbie is still working as a welder to make money so she can take care of Franny, but when she finds out that her boss is paying the men more than he is paying her, she decides to confront him. Debbie’s boss tells her that he pays her less because she’s a woman and she takes more bathroom breaks. So, in true Debbie fashion, she makes an adult diaper and pees in front of her boss.
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Lip, still sober, has taken on the roll of father-hood to Eddie’s niece after she ran away last season. He’s become protective of her and even gets upset when she dances with a boy who looks significantly older. While attending Brad’s wedding, he has sex with the maid of honor and later asks her on a date, but she tells him it was the worst sex she’s ever had.

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Meanwhile Carl, only a few weeks left at military school, is trying his hardest to get promoted. The two biggest problems are one cadet who can’t keep up and Kassidi, his crazy girlfriend from last season who has camped outside of the fence and yells cheers to him as he marches. Eventually, the slow cadet decides to be a team player and by the end of the episode, Kassidi is missing and Carl has no idea what’s happened to her.

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Frank, everyone’s favorite miscreant father, pulls no punches in the season 9 premier. Opening the show with several rendezvous with women on the PTA, he skips from one house to the next sleeping with every frustrated house wife at Liam’s school. Unfortunately for him, during an emergency PTA meeting, it comes to light that he’s given almost all of the women several STDs and they get quarantined for vaccination.
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After last season, the wait is over! This season proves that the Gallagher clan is back and ready to rumble! Season 9 has much more in store, so stay tuned on The Game of Nerds to get your weekly update on the family fun!


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