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There had been a lack of information of Cyberpunk 2077 after the initial trailer release at E3. A few screenshots here or there but nothing beyond that and there certainly wasn’t game play release which is kind of important. That has luckily been rectified though with the release of a 45 minute gameplay release that shows off a lot of what the game will be.

Image via GameSpot

I was incredibly pleased to see at the start the deep character customization that will be offered. In the trailer I was fearing we would be pigeon holed into playing the generic bald dude who stared in that as the main character. Lucky that fear was put to rest as you can be just about anyone in terms of your looks. Going into the gameplay the first really notable thing would be the inspiration from the roleplaying game Cyberpunk/Cyberpunk 2020 where damage is calculated and displayed on screen like in a pen and paper game. After the initial quick engagement they show off  the between mission material found in most RPGs of upgrading your weapons and gear. This part also displayed some of the world building that had gone into the game, but that will be brought up again later.

Image via GameSpot
Image via GameSpot

From there the next mission is set up through a few pieces of dialogue and moving about the city a bit. Here we get into what can almost be called a traditional dungeon. Heavy combat emphasis and looting abounds. Some of the late game abilities that were demoed looked really impressive and fun. While the initial abilities seemed far more run of the mill, the late games ones really seemed to be adding something to the balance.

A lot was also said about the choices in terms of how the player approaches, or does not approach, certain obstacles. However, in the brief demo, that was more stated than shown so it will have to be seen how much of that ends up translating into the game itself. It will also be of note how these decision do or do not affect your personal character and any endings the game may have as nothing we expressed in that regard.

Image via GameSpot

Finally, there is the world building. More so that anything else this is where the game really shines. The game perfectly captures the cyberpunk feel of high tech, low life. This world is just as corrupt, dirty and grimy as ours, brought up to 11 with even more people and with just slightly more technology and capitalism. The street scenes were particularly breathtaking as it felt like a real city with hundreds of people moving about the city. The whole place felt alive more so than any other game has been able to capture and it is filled with color. More so than any other open world game that is all the rage these days, Cyberpunk 2077 feels like a world that would be fun to get lost in as there is so much put into the little details here.

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