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#BallersHBO moves operations to L.A. but proves geography and branding changes ain't nothing but a thang...
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The show led by the hardest working man in showbiz came back for its fourth season with some very interesting developments. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Ballers enjoyed the sun, beaches and yachts of Miami in its first 3 seasons. For season 4, Spencer and Joe make the move to L.A. Glitz, glamour and gargantuan amounts of money are the name of the game and they’re diving in head first.

While football was their forte in Miami at ASM, Joe understands the need for expansion and growth in the City of Angels. He talks Spencer into buying an extreme sports company-which has an insufferable, bratty, misogynistic CEO named Lance Klians heading it (played smarmily by Russell Brand).

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It’s a risk: Spencer and Joe don’t know the first thing about extreme sports and L.A. is not the former’s idea of a good time (having lost his older brother-a USC football player-to suicide years ago). The rewards though-money, money and more money-could far outweigh it.

As for the resident fast-talking, slot receiving baller Ricky Jarrett…retirement isn’t suiting him. Although a doting daddy and (semi-doting) boyfriend, Ricky is looking to get back in the game. His agent Jason suggests a meeting with the new GM of the Rams, his good friend Charles. Only problem with that: the fight Ricky and Charles had in Miami was never resolved and both are unwilling to apologize.

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The extreme sports group has its first crisis with a young, Black surfer who is a client of theirs. After a marketing campaign changes his skin tone to fit their narrative, Parker explains to Spencer and Joe that he doesn’t want to sell out nor does he want to be a poster child. As a man of color, Spencer understands; when Parker wins a big surfing tournament and gives the Black power fist in acknowledgment, the guffaw Spencer lets lose is both proud and a bit awestruck.

You can catch Ballers Sundays at 7PM on HBO, on demand at or the HBO app.

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