As my own wedding draws closer, I get so much more excited. My dress is done. The décor is coming together and people are getting more and more excited as well. What a better way to start your life together with your significant other than letting your nerd flag fly? Bond over your mutual nerdiness and let the fun flow. I know Star Wars weddings have been done loads as have Doctor Who but who cares? They still rock! There is no shortage of material for themed nerdy weddings. I’ve pulled together some ideas for you! Personally, I am renewing my vows in October and am having a Viking themed wedding!

One idea is an 80’s arcade wedding. Decorate with different game memorabilia from Pac Man, Pitfall, Rampage, Alien Invaders, Tekken and Mortal Kombat. If you can find it, holding the reception in an arcade would rock!

Wedding cake

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As an alternative to the tried and true Star Wars theme, why not try Spaceballs? If you have never seen this Mel Brooks classic, definitely watch it. I just think it would be a neat switch and your best man could be Barf! As a nod to the movie serve Yogurt with your wedding cake.

Spaceballs Wedding

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I would honestly love a Princess Bride themed wedding! Buttercup was so pretty and the priest was hysterical! Of course, Westley was dreamy, both as the farm boy and as the Dread Pirate Roberts. I would run to the altar if he was there waiting for me.

Buttercup and Westley

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Arwen and Aragorn

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What nerdy wedding theme list would be complete without the inclusion of Lord of the Rings? Arwen is so gorgeous. What woman wouldn’t want to be an elf princess for her special day? What man wouldn’t want to be the fierce warrior and King, Aragorn? The décor possibilities are endless.

Vikings could go a few different ways. You could be Lagertha and Ragnar from the popular TV series, Vikings. Or you could go as Odin and Frigg, King and Queen of the Norse Gods. That is what my husband and I are doing for our renewal. Rustic meals and mead would be great choices for the reception.

Ragnar and Lagertha

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The Legend of Zelda could be epic too. Link is always trying to save Princess Zelda. He could finally get the girl and they could live happily ever after.

Link and Princess Zelda

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You could spend the wedding weaving magic and wonder with a Harry Potter wedding. Serve “love potions” to your guests and sending potions home as party favors. Celebrate your love with wizards, witches and muggles alike!

However you celebrate your union, may you live happily ever after with magick and love. Till next week…

Harry Potter Center Piece

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