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Castle Rock – SDCC 2018 Panel Tidbits

#CastleRock at #SDCC2018 promises more character horror from the master, Stephen King.
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The latest in psychological horror master Stephen King’s arsenal, “Castle Rock” interweaves multiple character stories combining the supernatural with the occult in classic King literary fashion. Set in the fictional Maine town of the same name, the series connects with a multitude of other King novellas and stories (including a Shawshank Penitentiary inmate portrayed by Bill Skarsgård).

At their SDCC panel, showrunner Sam Shaw stated at the heart of a true Stephen King story is “How the traumas of childhood inform the adult life.” It’s a consistent theme in King’s repertoire.

Courtesy of @castlerockhulu/Twitter

Boasting a cast of film and television stars including Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek, “Castle Rock” will join the Hulu original slate of programming on July 25th. Check out the eerie trailer below:

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