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Preacher – Season 3 Trailer – Let’s Get Caught Up!

In which we learn the fate of Jesse and his crew in the new season of Preacher.
Dominic Cooper, Preacher - AMC
Photo Credit: Crystal Spears, The Game of Nerds, Dominic Cooper of Preacher – AMC

The summer television desert is well upon us but one show emerges to pull through the sultry season: Preacher, which began its third season June 24th and runs through August. We’re beginning coverage a little late in the game this season so today I’ll take a quick look at the trailer for season 3 and next week we’ll jump in with an episode or two at at time until I catch up with the really real world.

(FYI for fans of the show and TGON coverage – I probably won’t give away as much as the last guy did episode to episode. Respect to his writing and coverage, but it’s not my style. So, go on this journey with me if you like and lets get to know what season three of Preacher has in store for us.)

Betty Buckley, Preacher - AMC
Photo Credit: Crystal Spears, The Game of Nerds, Betty Buckley of Preacher – AMC

The first thing we learn in the trailer for the new season is that Jesse is about to go to the one place he’s been running from his whole life – home to Gran’ma, looking for help and making deals that are going to be costly. It’s clear that Tulip survives her attack by Featherstone and that the new conversation starter when she is around will definitely involve her short visit to the afterlife.

Gran’ma looks like more trouble than Jesse can handle and he’s barely asked for help before he’s plotting to retrieve his full powers and take the family out for good. It’s clear that Jesse is going to get into some bad business at home before he can get away again. Season 3 seems to have all of the Southern grotesque and gothic references we the fan base know and love so check back next week for upcoming recap and reviews of episodes of Preacher, season three.

Preacher - AMC
Photo Credit: Crystal Spears, The Game of Nerds, Preacher – AMC

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