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Dragon Ball Super — Episode 69 Review

Goku battles Arale in a Dragon Ball Super and Dr Slump crossover episode!

Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

Episode 69 of Super featured an unexpected crossover with another old manga, as Goku battled Arale in a wacky and totally oddball fight. But sadly this was the second filler in a row and seems like Toei Animation stalling storewide until the final arc of Super gets under way later on. Still, lets get on with the episode recap and review!

We pick the episode up not from any of the Z Fighters perspective but instead in the form of a Dr. Slump anime with Arale running through Penguin Village and crashing into everyone’s homes. She then ends up at Senbei Norimaki’s house and finds out that he’s going to the city to enter an invention contest, he then drives off leaving Arale behind at home.

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Next we’re at the invention contest and things finally start looking like a Dragon Ball Super episode with Mr. Satan/Hercule hosting the contest featuring also Bulma in it as well — with her, Kid Trunks and Vegeta sitting at table. Vegeta is wondering why he has to be there, and Trunks says that Bulma is going to win the contest; but then Mr. Satan ends up saying that Norimaki’s invention won, shocking everyone in the crowd including Bulma.

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network
Dragon Ball Super Episode 69
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Outside Goku is dressed up with his hair slicked back and doing security detail for the event but is having issues trying to work, accidentally ripping his sleeves off his suit and eventually giving up on being a guard. Back inside at the contest, Norimaki explains what his invention is all about and shows Mr. Satan that it’s a robot with a mind of it’s old but can create anything out of thin air just as long as the person near it thinks about it. Norimaki ends up making an issue of playboy out of thin air and gives it to Mr. Satan, who then tries it out for himself and makes a keychain of himself. However before Norimaki can say anymore more, he’s interrupted by his rival, Dr. Mashirito.

Dr. Mashirito actually died at the end of the Dr. Slump manga and anime, and in a hilarious turn of events is actually a spirit in this episode who escape HFIL — the Dragon Ball Universe’s version of hell. Here the doctor explains that he has control over Arale, who walks in behind him and that he is taking invention of Norimaki. This then causes Mr. Satan to intervene, but he gets smacked into a wall by Arale which then causes Vegeta to step in.

Next thing we know, Vegeta get’s sent flying through the wall and out the convention center, startling Goku who is now back in his regular clothes and was actually fast asleep under a tree. Vegeta quips that Arale is no ordinary girl and fights her. Eventually he deduces that Arale is from a manga and begins to fight like he’s in one — extremely meta, I know! — shout out that theres a UFO to distract her and get a cheap shot in, sending her straight into a statue. Once the dust settles, the heroes find out that Vegeta decapitated Arale cause Goku and everyone else to freak out over what Vegeta did. But then Arale’s body gets up, grabs her head and puts it back on and everyone figures she’s an android. Next thing we notice, Vegeta is sent flying away from everyone to who knows where and Goku is left to deal with Arale.

But first, before they ever fight, they both remember each other from their time in Dragon Ball when Goku actually visited Penguin Village and befriend Arale, who together fought General Blue. So apparently she wasn’t being mind control by Dr. Mashirito at all and is just really, really, really naive now! Goku and Arale then trade beam attacks with the android stopping a God Kahamehama from Goku who’s already in his Super Saiyan Blue form! Arale then asks for them to do a ten times stronger version much to Goku’s disbelief.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Back in the contest room, that’s been pretty much destroyed due to the events of Arale kicking Vegeta out of it earlier. Bulma comes up with a brilliant plan of summoning Beerus, but as luck would have it, Beerus is deep in a nap and won’t be coming to earth anytime soon. Everyone scrambles on how to stop Arale and Dr. Mashirito. First Norimaki comes up with the idea to create actual poo in the invention machine and then toss it to Arale who has a strange fascination for poop it seems. They succeed in doing so with Trunks throwing it with a stick towards the android.

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

But then they realize that it won’t distract Arale forever, so then Bulma gets a camera and points it at Norimaki’s machine and tells everyone to think of the perfect dish and wish it comes true. They succeed in creating the ultimate dish that looks like a chocolate pellet which instantly summons Beerus to earth. He actually smelt it a whole galaxy away in space. He arrives on earth with Whis and instantly eats the food pellet, while Dr. Mashirito is constantly yelling at Beerus. This causes Beerus to do his Hakai move which instantly erases the doctor!

While all this was happening, Arale, Goku and Trunks arrive back at the invention contest room and see Beerus. Arale begins talking extremely loudly to Beerus and wants to pet him, but Beerus will have none of it and is about to blast Arale with a Hakai attack but then suddenly, he stops! He seems to be having a massive stomach pain from the food pellet and orders Whis to take him home asap. The gods end up leaving in a hurry, confusing everyone until Trunks quips that they created the worlds most amazing food from the same place that just moments ago created poop. So basically Beerus was stopped due to food poisoning. Everyone ends up laughing and things are back to normal, with both Arale and Norimaki driving off into the sunset and Goku saying that he wants to spar with Arale again. We finally end the episode finding out what happen to Vegeta as he is seen hanging off a branch from a cliff, with his arms folded and hating manga plot tropes.

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

As you can tell this was another filler episode in the grand scheme of things and introduces the biggest question mark in the entire series too, in the form of Arale and how she can easily take on the likes of Vegeta and Goku (with him in his Blue state) in a fight. If she is this powerful why haven’t the Z Fighters call to her for help when Black, Zamasu and even Frieza attacked the earth earlier in Super? She could have easily stepped in and helped out Goku in a pinch, but she was left in the sidelines for such monumental things. Perhaps, I’m just looking into it a bit too much. In a way, if Arale doesn’t appear later on in Super then this was her swan song with how the episode ended with her and Norimaki driving off back to Penguin Village.

But I have to admit, these filler episodes are doing the series no favors and just feel like the animators are stalling trying to figure out where to take Goku and the rest of the heroes next. Thankfully, they do take everyone right into a fitting conclusion of Super — if you’ve been keeping tabs of the japanese version, you already know — but it’s that long wait filled with filler after filler of episodes that can make you feel impatient waiting for the action to finally kick in.

In short, if you’re a huge Dr. Slump fan, then you would love how this episode tied up the core story of that manga and anime, but if you’re strictly a Dragon Ball fan like me, then it’s an absurd episode and you’ll feel like Vegeta hanging on a branch in the end. Anyways here’s to the next episode finally picking up momentum and moving the plot of Super forward finally!

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

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