This is Hammond. Like Winston, he’s a genetically altered animal from the Horizon Lunar Colony; where Winston is Specimen 28, however, he is Specimen 8.

Hammond disappeared from his cage sometime before the uprising of the apes, last seen scurrying into the ventilation system. They expressed concern over this, a scientist named Flores saying, “Still hearing strange sounds coming through the ventilation system throughout the colony. When are we going to give time to give it a thorough inspection? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m fairly attached to having a full supply of oxygen,” but either nothing was done in time or he didn’t present enough of a threat for an inspection to be a priority.

Some fans have speculated that he was responsible for the malfunction of airlock E-35 that resulted in the first human death aboard the colony, but this is unconfirmed. All we know is that sometime after his escape, he made his way to Earth by attaching his hamster ball to Winston’s makeshift pod. It separated sometime during flight, and he crash-landed in the Australian outback.

Using his skills as a mechanic, which he honed during his nightly escapes from his cage back on the Lunar Colony, he turned his hamster ball into a fighting mech and entered Junkertown’s battle arena. “Wrecking Ball” soon went from chump to Champion, and after using his winnings to upgrade his mech, he set out through the Wasteland to explore the world he is now a part of.

Hammond’s Battle Mech

Some people around the internet are trying to say that since Hammond was introduced as a ‘Champion’ and not a ‘Hero’ this is only a ploy to disguise the release of the Junker Queen, who operates the mech fights Hammond took part in. I am not inclined to be optimistic. If it happens I’ll be ecstatic, but…

I’m not gonna get my hopes up.

Anyway, the Hamster Hero comes equipped with four automatic machine guns, a grappling hook, a personal shield, deployable mines, a ground pound, and of course, a hamster ball mode. Everything works just about the way you’d expect it to, with the ground pound mirroring Doomfist’s and the mines being used for an ult, but I admit that I do like the look of the grappling hook and hamster ball mode.

I really like the idea of a momentum-based hero, something like Doomfist but which takes into account more physics. With the Symmetra rework that allows for much more frequent teleporter placement, I can see some really interesting plays begin to crop up.