Dragon Ball Super — Episode 67 Review

Zamasu has one last trick up his sleeve, can Goku and the others save the future? Read our review/recap to find out!

Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

After the sudden end of the previous episode with Trunks slashing through Fused Zamasu and seemingly killing the villain, we pick up right where we left off with Trunks still cutting through the god. Here Fused Zamasu gives off one last, seemingly empty threat to Trunks and the rest of the heroes before being disintegrated by Trunk’s Sword Of Hope. The heroes all rejoice and congratulate Trunks, with Future Mai and Bulma showing up as well with the fixed time machine. Everything is fine and well until the skies sudden turn grey and Fused Zamasu is heard laughing throughout the planet.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67
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As it turns out, due to Zamasu gaining the ability of being invincible by the Super Dragon Balls, it doesn’t just apply for his body but also his spirit and essence itself, causing his soul to fully take over the world and begin blasting death beams from the sky as his face(s) take the place of clouds. He effectively wipes out the last of the future human race like Yajirobe and the kids in a single blast, as Gowasu and Supreme Kai put up a force field around Future Mai and Bulma while Goku, Vegeta and Trunks take the fight to this new formed of Zamasu. The trio fire off a Super Galick Gun, Kamehameha and Final Flash at Zamasu but he instantly overpowers them with his own beam and the heroes are blasted back to the ground.They begin scrambling on what to do as Future Mai in a panic starts shooting at Zamasu in the sky. That does nothing at all. At the same time, Zamasu’s evil soul is also leaking throughout time and shows up in the regular era as well, causing Kid Trunks and the others to panic over what’s happening. Beerus and Whis both sense something is wrong as well now and head back to earth from their planet.

Goku suddenly remembers the button that instantly summons supreme Zeno and theorizes that the future timeline should have a Zeno of it’s own after Supreme Kai and Gowasu both state that Zeno can never be destroyed. Goku presses the button and a confused Future Zeno appears wondering who Goku and the other is and what Zamasu is in the sky. Goku then says that Zamasu destroyed everything and is very very bad, this causes Future Zeno to charge up for a blast and makes Goku panic telling everyone to get into the time machine and for the two Kai’s to warp back to the regular time as well. They all manage to make it back to the normal timeline as Future Zeno fully wipes out the entire future timeline!

Safely back in the regular timeline with everyone, Goku asks Future Trunks to go back with him to what’s left of the future timeline and they find that everything but Future Zeno is destroyed. They pick up Future Zeno and put him into the time machine and return once more to the normal time line. Once they are officially back, Beerus panics at the sight of Future Zeno and Goku asks for Supreme Kai to warp both him and Future Zeno to Present Zeno’s palace. Rejoiced at seeing Goku again, Present Zeno wonder’s what could bring Goku back and Goku says he has a friend he wants to show him and it’s Future Zeno. The two Zenos meet and become fast friends while Whis talks Zeno’s attendant — Whis’ father — who quips that this was Goku’s grand plan for Zeno.

Back at Bulma’s house, Future Trunks and Future Mai begin to wonder what their future holds with Future Zeno destroying their own timeline. Beerus chastises the heroes for tampering with the timeline, but Whis quips that Beerus did the same thing himself when he killed Zamasu in the present timeline and ended up creating another alternate timeline. Whis then says that he will transport Future Trunks and Future Mai to an alternate future where Zamasu has yet to get his invincibility and will tell the Beerus of that new timeline to destroy that version of Zamasu as well. Safely preserving the future in the process while creating a new ripple in time, but with one major catch! That is, there will be another Future Trunks and Future Mai in that timeline and the current versions we know will have to co-exist with these other alternate ones we haven’t met. The episode and the Future Trunks saga finally ends with Trunks and Mai flying away in the time machine just seconds before a time jump.

Dragon Ball Super — Episode 67
Photo Source: Funimation/Cartoon Network

It was a fine epilogue episode to a fan favorite saga of Super, however the major grip I have with this is how easily Zamasu was killed off. Not once, not twice but three times. Zamasu went from a great villain the heroes easily defeated to something that needed divine intervention twice in an episode, once with Future Zeno and then another with Present Whis and Future Beerus — which happened off screened. If they found another way or just let Zamasu die after Future Trunk’s Sword Of Hope it would have ended perfectly but they had to drag the villain on just a little bit longer.

The other thing that left a sour taste in my mouth was how the Future Survivors after having scenes dedicated to them the past couple of episodes ended up dying just like that with Zamasu’s final beam attack and effectively destroying the future earth.

Then after this, Whis just hand waves everything and tells Future Trunks and Future Mai that they can return to their timeline to a world without Zamasu… Basically saying the whole Future Trunks Saga didn’t matter! What could have been better was knowing the future that Future Trunks and Future Mai came from couldn’t be saved and instead they could have remained in the present time with Goku and the others; and after a while find their own places in the “new” world. It could have lead to interesting character dynamics like Vegeta or Bulma favoring one of the two Trunks. Future Mai connecting with her younger self and even Future Trunks having more time with his mentor, Gohan. Lots of potential wasted with this hand wave of Whis’. But I guess it’s okay in the end with Dragon Ball Heroes getting an official anime in July and picking up on the Future Trunks and Future Mai subplot again, even if its long after Super’s story is done.

Dragon Ball Super — Episode 67
Photo Source: Funimation/Cartoon Network

But this about wraps up the entire Future Trunks Saga, at times it was a great ride and harkens back to the older days of Dragon Ball Z especially when the action picked up! But because of time travel shenanigans both for plot sake and actual writing plot holes, it’ll be a bit hard to fully appreciate it cause of the inherit story confusions and trying to keep track of all the timelines.

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