Is Reverie the New Summer Staple from NBC?

Reverie got off to a slow start filling NBC Wednesday night slot, but does it have the potentialto bounce back or get a second season? That’s asking a lot for the series to do in only 10 episodes, but we have our take on the sci-fi drama series.
Reverie – NBC
The basic premise is that Sendhil Ramamurthy’s character created a virtual reality program that more or less lets people dive into an internal dream scape for recreation ora type of therapy. Users have a code word to enter and then to exit the program, as there is no way to contact the real world and no known way to safely wake users that go rogue and won’t come out. Of course the greedy company funding the program opened it before addressing these issues and people are laying comatose on their Reveries. The plan to fix this? Send Mara (series star Sarah Shahi), a former hostage negotiator, into the “stuck” patients dreams and convince them to come out. The potential pf the show comes from this premise with her getting a few attenpts to research them, dive in, analyze their psyche, interview and go detective on how to negotiate them out, and get everyone back to real life.
Reverie – NBC
The concept alone is good, and from what we saw could’ve played like a more sci-fi versionof Psych, except they didn’t go the dramedy route, and have added complicated emotionalbackstories, like Mara’s guilt over failed negotiations that ended in her brother-in-law murdering her sister and niece. Jessica Lu gets an interesting backstory, havingcreated Reverie’s AI “Dylan” based on her dead brother. Unfortunately, it feels too earlyto try and make us sympathetic to characters we didn’t even get a full episode to explore the personalities of. This, coupled with the introduction of a government intervention angle and need to up the levelsof fantasy, puts too much expectation on a 43 minute episode, and left us feeling underwhelmed and uninvested.
Reverie – NBC
To their favour, there isn’t a whole lot of original programming during the summer and the premise alone will keep us tuning in and hoping the show reaches its potential.

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