5 Times Hitchcock & Scully from Brooklyn Nine-Nine​ Were Probably You

Everyone knows Hitchcock and Scully are the most disgusting and laziest cops at the precinct but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t us sometimes. Here are 5 examples which make Hitchcock and Scully just like everyone else.

1) Seriously, let’s be real…


2) Don’t say there is going to be food when there really isn’t…

Source: Giffer.com

3) When you are forced to move against your will…

Source: Vagabomb

4) When you start a fight with your friend…

Source: Tenor

5) When there is a staff meeting about to happen…

GIF Source: The Game of Nerds

What are some of your favorite Hitchcock and Scully moments on Brooklyn Nine Nine? Let us know below! We can’t to see the new season on it’s brand new network NBC this fall!


Author: Shannon Parola

When I'm not running The Game of Nerds or The VIParolaz, I can also be found in the kitchen cooking up some gluten-free deliciousness with my Funko obsessed husband. Together we have an awesome daughter, Marvel, and doggy, Coco! Check out our Instagram: @TheVIParolaz

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