Siren Episode 8 Review & Series Update

Picture Source: Siren, Freeform

First and foremost: Siren has been renewed for a second season!!

This was a really interesting episode because it let you into the world of other characters.  After the previous episode where SPOILERS!!!!! Xander’s father died.  This episode featured the funeral.  Ryn came out of nowhere and stirs the pot.

The episode was interesting because Xander really showed his depth as a character.  The interactions he had with all of the characters.  He showed a lot of emotion and the character became more interesting to root for.  Bringing me to talk about how him and Maddie need to happen.  Yes, she is with Ben but the heart wants what it wants.

Picture Source: Siren, Freeform

Ryn has been slowly developing into being more human.  When we first met her she was a really incredible character because she was clearly not human.  Now it seems like she is shifting to being more emotional towards the humans.

The most interesting part of this show, however, is that the mermaids have such an interesting place in the world.   Ryn talking about the mourning process and funerals for mermaids, but it leaves far too much for the imagination when it comes to seeing whether mermaids all know eachother.  What is the history of the mermaid race?


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