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Barry is easily my favorite new show. It’s funny, action-packed, and at times pretty sad. I am super excited for next season to see what else they are going to do with these characters and to further the story. That being said, the season finale was so good, that if it had to end where it did, I would be perfectly fine with it. That’s how good the ending was.

At the beginning of the episode, Barry surprises Fuches at his suite, takes the money from the suitcase and punches Fuches several times before leaving quitting once and for all. Fuches, feeling betrayed, then goes to Pazar’s house to tell them Barry is alive.  Pazar, not being happy with Fuches after getting them into the war with the Bolivian’s, wants Fuches dead still and introduces him to Vacha’s twin, Ruslan, who revs up a buzz saw and prepares to kill Fuches.

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Noho Hank calls Barry and tells him they are going to kill Fuches and pleads with him to leave town. Instead, Barry saves Fuches, shooting Pazar and the remaining goons. He drives Fuches to the airport and tells him he’s done killing. Hank then finds the bodies and realizes Barry must have come back to save Fuches and that’s when he hears the sirens.

The LAPD chief gives a press conference, noting the Chechens and Bolivians were baited into war by Taylor and his partner, crime boss Ryan Madison. Noho Hank and Cristobal, now working together, watch the press conference from the stash house. Cousineau watches from the TV section of (what I assume to be) Costco and calls Moss.

Barry goes to the bar where the acting class is watching the press conference. When Barry tells Sally he’s quitting the class, she opens up to him about her prior abusive marriage in an attempt to show him how she uses that in her process. She tells him he has real talent and that it will get easier to harness the emotions he used during their performance of Macbeth. She then suggests they do the play, The Front Page.

Photo Source: Barry, HBO

Several months later, Sally and Barry are apparently back together now and snuggle in a hammock at Cousineau’s lake house. They have been there working on their play with Cousineau directing them. Moss arrives, and that night during dinner Cousineau tells the story of Barry’s parking lot monologue, she starts to put the pieces together. Once everyone is asleep, she goes to the end of the dock and searches “Barry Block” on Facebook. She finds that he has pictures with Taylor in them.

Barry approaches and comes clean about his past and explains how his life has changed. She pulls her gun on him and tells him she is going to arrest him and for him to start walking back to the house. In a last-ditch effort to get her to let him go, he turns and pleads with her some. As he does that you see a gun with a silencer hanging next to a tree. You immediately know what is going to happen.

Photo Source: Barry, HBO

Sally stirs in her sleep at the sound of gunshots. Awhile later, Barry comes back to their room, washes his hands, and gets back in bed. The last thing he says before the end of the show is “Starting now.”

Even though I knew somehow that Barry was going to end up shooting Moss, it didn’t take anything away from the moment. In order for Barry to continue on it was going to have to happen. What I am curious about, is what did he do with her body? They are at the lake house and assuming that she and Cousineau have been dating for several months now, isn’t he going to become suspicious of what happened. I am sure we are going to find out next year, but I don’t want to wait.

What did you think about the episode? Do you think Barry will face any ramifications from killing a detective? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NilesHougaboom and as always be sure to check out The Game of Nerds for your other nerdy needs.

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