Some of you might have noticed a new Mercy skin flying around, pink wings holding her aloft and twin pigtails flying free. She’s got magical, glittering new sound effects and a ton of pink ribbons all over her. Her beam, pistol fire, and res are all turned pink, and her sound effects are music to my magic-obsessed ears.

The skin is $15 USD, but that’s alright, because it all goes to charity.

Blizzard’s new ‘Pink Mercy’ skin is on sale to raise money for breast cancer research. 100% of the profits will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $250,000 USD. There’s also a t-shirt on sale for $30, just in case spending money on a skin isn’t your style. The design it reminds me of Sailor Moon, what with the ribbons and the cascading hair, and the wings give me a distinct Cardcaptor Sakura vibe. Social media has taken to calling this skin ‘Magical girl Mercy’, and it’s spot-on.


What’s more, there’s also some sprays and player icons you can earn by watching Twitch streams, as long as your Twitch and Blizzard accounts are linked. It doesn’t take that long to get them either; you get a spray when you login to the game, and then a few rewards every two hours of Twitch streams you watch. It’s cumulative, so you can take a break and come back later. You can watch any streamer with drops enabled to get the sprays as long as they’re streaming Overwatch, but if you don’t know any, here’s a schedule for every day through to the 21st:

The skin, icons, and sprays are only available until the 21st, so you’d better hurry. If you want to see where your money’s going, visit the BCRF website.