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We all know the beloved Christmas story of the Nutcracker. We’ve seen the ballet and have heard the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy during the holiday season. This year we will get to see it on the big screen. For those of you who haven’t seen even the Barbie version, I will fill you in on the story.

Clara, her brother Fritz and their sister Marie are at the Stahlbaum house. They receive beautiful gifts but Clara falls in love with a particular nutcracker and is named its special care taker. As the night progresses, the nutcracker is used and broken. Clara bandages it up with a strip from her dress. Soon it is time for bed and Clara is allowed to stay up with the nutcracker a bit longer. Before long she is drawn into a fight and is injured. Her Godfather tells her a fantastical story as she heals. She finds that the story is real and the nutcracker is a real being as is the mouse king and is in the middle of it.

The new adaptation is supposed to be a dark, twisted spin on the tale. I hope to see lots beautiful costumes and amazing sets like in the trailer. Keira Knightly and Morgan Freeman (who is one of my favorite actors) are to be in this film.

Have you seen the Nutcracker in any of its adaptations? Are you looking forward to this movie? Let me know in the comments below.

Sugar Plum Fairy and Clara

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