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Into the Badlands – “Enter the Phoenix” Review

Into the Badlands comes back with the force!
Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

The Badlands are no place to raise a baby and yet, our protagonist Sunny is forced to do just that. Having been on the move with baby Henry, Sunny has to make the tough call to return to the heart of The Badlands due to Henry’s illness. Running a high fever, not getting enough sustenance and seeing his father fight bandits, little Henry is getting a baptism into life the Badlands way.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Things within the confines of the country have shifted considerably. With 5 barons dead, The Widow only has to contend with Baron Chau for the remaining territory. Minerva is nothing if not resourceful and draws in famed-and now one handed-clipper Moon as her regent. It’s a brilliant move: not only is Moon as formidable as ever with a blade, he is also a bundled nerve of rage with the thought of besting Sunny. The Widow is lining her ducks in a row to make the final move against her last enemies and Moon appears to play a large part in that.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

There are new players on the chessboard of “Into the Badlands;” powerful and wholly uninterested in diplomacy or negotiation, they steamroll into the outskirts of the country and declare “Join or die.” Led by Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay), his acolytes access the Dark Force with a mere blink of the eye (no cuts necessary). They are ruthless and efficient and appear to have total control over the Dark Force. It’s the exact opposite of how MK’s power manifested previously. These new power players could prove to be a match or more for The Widow and her Butterflies. While Minerva probably believes she has the answer to all of her battle questions because of MK’s presence, that is not the case. Not only does MK not have the Dark Force anymore, he’s a prisoner in a gilded cage. So doped up and unfeeling, he doesn’t know the way out. The situation between he and The Widow is unsustainable.

As Sunny manages to make his way into former baroness Lydia’s refugee camp, he runs into his old friend Bajie. He’ll need to lean heavily on him for his wisdom and knowledge of the Dark Force since baby Henry appears to be a carrier of it. And a little child shall lead…

You can catch “Into the Badlands” on AMC, Sundays at 7PM

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