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A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2, The Austere Academy (Spoilers)

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For anyone who hasn’t started watching season 2 of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events… Look Away! There will be spoilers ahead and much like the children in this story, you don’t want to see what’s coming next.

After being left at Prufrock Preparatory School, Klaus, Violet and Sunny sit on a bench awaiting their appointment with Vice Principle Nero. Little do they know, they sit in close proximity to the Quagmire twins, Duncan and Isadora (made twins after their triplet Quigley supposedly perished in the house fire that killed the Quagmire parents). Both Klaus and Isadora hold matching pieces of a broken spyglass.


It drives me crazy sometimes when so many films or television shows include this technique of the “near miss”. It’s no longer thrilling because you know it’s coming. However, this is the first time we see children who are having luck like the Baudelaires and we think… Could they be friends? Could the Baudelaire children really get friends!?

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The arrival of Carmelita Spats (Vice Principle Nero’s prized student), signals the continued bad luck for the Baudelaire orphans. She is an obnoxious little girl who can do no wrong in the vice principle’s eyes, not to mention the incessant tap dancing. While they wait for their appointment, she takes them on a tour of the school.


A round of applause for Kitana Turnbull who was chosen to play the incorrigible Carmelita Spats. I mean it takes a LOT for me to think, “I would rather have ants poured down my pants than listen to this little girl sing one more song about herself”. That’s talent!

Don’t even THINK of eating around here, you cakesniffers! Nobody wants to have lunch with people who live in the Orphans Shack! Cake sniffing orphans in the orphan shack! Cake sniffing orphans in the orphan shack! Cake sniffing orphans in the orphan shack!

-Carmelita Spats

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Meanwhile, Count Olaf overhears a conversation between Mr. Poe’s secretary, Jacquelyn and Larry the Waiter. They discuss the school and a book called “The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations” which the V.F.D. is trying to get to the orphans. Olaf sets a trap for the gym teacher and disguises himself as Coach Genghis, a turban wearing man with a southern accent. It is noted that in his youth, Olaf himself attended Prufrock Prep.


One thing I love about ASOUE is in every episode when we start getting those easter eggs. For anyone who hasn’t read the books before, I’m sure putting the puzzle together is half the fun. We want to know more about Count Olaf’s history and the V.F.D. It’s what keeps bringing us back every season! Not to mention.. I mean Neil Patrick Harris?

Hello, Hello, Hello!

-Neil Patrick Harris


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While on the tour of the school, the Baudelaires briefly meet Prufrock’s resident librarian. She seems friendly, but they don’t get to speak much before they meet Vice Principle Nero. He informs Sunny she will be his new Administrative Assistant (sadly you heard me right). The orphans try to settle into their fungus and crab infested Orphan Shack and set to work creating a home for themselves…again.

One afternoon while eating, the Baudelaires finally meet the Quagmires. After speaking briefly, they realize they have a mysterious amount in common, even their parents who all tragically died in house fires.

*Popular Opinion*

Orphans shouldn’t have to live in a shack just because they don’t have parents…

  • And babies would be TERRIBLE administrative assistants.
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Klaus and Isadora fit both halves of the spyglasses together. After realizing there are dials for cracking codes on it, they set out for the library to find the book from the V.F.D. Unfortunately, because Larry the Waiter tripped and dropped it, the librarian tells them she doesn’t have it. Vice Principle Nero rushes in and tells the children the library is closed and they have to go to the pep rally. That’s when…


Guess what guys… It happened! The Quagmires call the Baudelaires their friends! This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. I can feel it. I can feeeeel… Right?

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Before the Quagmires can make it to the pep rally, they run into Count Olaf. It takes him a minute to realize they aren’t the Baudelaires, but now he wants their fortune too! They escape when Olaf gets distracted by Larry the Waiter. He catches up with Larry and locks him in a freezer. But Larry is able to call Jacquelyn who sends help.

Meanwhile, Isadora and Duncan catch up with the Baudelaires at the pep rally, but it’s too loud and they can’t hear each other. Soon the Baudelaire children realize what the Quagmires where trying to tell them when Coach Genghis makes his appearance.


This is the end of episode one.


You can’t leave a sister hanging like that!

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What will happen when the orphans see Count Olaf? Will anyone believe them this time? Keep a look out for my next article on A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2, The Austere Academy Part 2!









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