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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 8 Recap & Review “Rifting Apart” (Spoilers!)

In which the dead try to stay alive and the live can't wait to get dead!

Do you believe in the existence of evil? If you’re here and you’re reading this then I know you do. Thirty years ago our old buddy Ash Williams found the Book of the Dead, read from it . . . then read from it again, and now EVIL has found us! Again!

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ
Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ screenshot by Crystal Spears from The Game of Nerds

Before I get into this episode of Ash vs Evil Dead there’s something we have to talk about. Today, as I was writing this blog – it happened. They called it. Ash vs Evil Dead has been cancelled by STARZ. This season will be its last and the cast have been tweeting their words of thanks and farewell ever since. Though not unexpected, the announcement is disappointing to Evil Dead fans who have been with Campbell since the 80s for whom the show was a breath of undead life.

Dry your tears, deadites. If you love loud music and fast cars Episode 8, “Rifting Apart,” delivers on both as well as always-excessive bloodshed and a mounting number of scream queen casualties. Ash and Pablo know the score on fake Kelly and that everybody’s dead so they decide to set things right by stealing a couple of bodies and heading for the hardware store, obviously. Ash’s concern for Brandy is charming and Kelly feels more and more dead all the time but Pablo won’t give up on his girl, and can probably sense that dead guy-Dalton is hitting on her right now.

Brandy runs into Dalton and then Kelly in the Upside Down, and the dead Ghostbeaters try to stay . . . alive(?) while the live ones try to get dead. Ash decides the only way he can save Kelly and Brandy is to get dead while Pablo uses his El Brujo Especial powers to open the gates between the world of the living and the dead. There’s a big scene for Dalton where he double dies after a lukewarm kiss with Kelly (Team♥Pablo) and the Delta saves the day in a blaze of “Kick Out the Jams” from MC5. When Ash and Brandy come back from the dead its pretty exciting but with the last two episodes of the series closing in I’m worried Kelly will not be getting her body back.

Check back next week for season 3, episode 9 “Judgement Day,” and real talk about the end of the series of and the end of the character Ash Williams. . . forever.

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ
Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ

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