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Jared and Richard run into one of Jared’s old friends, Dana, from his time at Hooli. Jared encourages Richard to befriend Dana because they are both CEOs of their own companies and are so much in common. Richard doesn’t see it but agrees to go to a party Dana is having at his house.

Having been kicked out of their place and just buying a new Tesla, Dinesh is forced to try to find someone to live with. He asks Jeff, the Hooli spy if he has any space with him and Jeff says he does.

Silicon Valley
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At the party, Richard befriends Dana’s COO, Ben. The next day they meet for lunch and embark on an “affair” as it is disclosed they are meeting behind Dana’s back. When Dana shows up for lunch at the same restaurant Ben leaves through the kitchen.

Hanging out with his new roommate, Dinesh mentions how bad his alcohol tolerance is; which Jeff takes advantage to get some information. Fueled by vodka, Dinesh lets it slip that Gilfoyle secretly hacked and stored some of Pied Pipers data on Seppens appliances. Gavin uses this information to get Seppen to sue Pied Piper in exchange for discounts on data server fees.

Upon learning Seppen is suing them for 10 million dollars, Richard schedules a meeting with Ben to talk about who tells him to just blame it all on Gilfoyle. Later on, Richard schedules another meeting with Ben to discuss the matters further and is met by a fuming Dana. Ben has blamed Richard for constantly trying to get in contact with him.

Silicon Valley
Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

Gilfoyle goes back to Jian-Yang’s incubator to search the fridge for any remaining Pied Piper code. After confirming there is none, he discovers the fridge has the ability to record and store all conversations around it.

Richard gets to work the next day and is surprised to see Jared and Gilfoyle meeting with the people from Seppen. Gilfoyle cuts to the chase and accuses them of wiretapping people. Seppen shows their hand and says that Gavin convinced them to sue them. Jared makes a deal with them: they will fix Seppen’s security issues and update their system in order to reduce the server costs if they drop the lawsuit.

Ben shows up shortly after assuming that he has the COO job, Richard informs him that he does not. Richard instead offers the job to Jared, to which Jared almost cries. The guys then figure out that they must have a mole on their hands because of the information that Seppen told them.

Silicon Valley
Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

I really enjoyed this episode. As always Jared is the best character. Richard is currently staying with him and instead of sleeping in his own bed, Jared unselfishly takes the pullout sofa. Also, with him being so touched that Richard would offer him the COO position he almost cries, how can you not love this guy.

The other best performance was Dana, who was played by Dan Mintz (Tina from Bob’s Burgers). Just how mundane that character was throughout the episode was hilarious and the voice is so perfect for it.

Some other good news is that Silicon Valley was renewed for a 6th season. I am very excited to see what else the guys can get up to. Let me know what you hope to see in a 6th season in the comments.

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