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The Camera Knows Something I Don’t Know (5×14)

Out of all the newly released Steven Universe episodes, Season 5 episode 14, “The Big Show” has to be in my top 2. I loved that in “The Big Show” things were explained less from Steven’s POV, and more shown to the viewer via the camera lens.

The idea that Steven would use Greg’s old-fashioned camcorder to film Sadie and the Suspects as they rehearse and eventually perform in Empire City is so wholesome.

Buck is the sweetest in this episode, and his dialogue makes me miss him.


Buck: “And so it begins, our rise to stardom. Followed by the inevitable infighting and creative disagreements that will tear us apart in a beautiful explosion of emotions.”

Greg: “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”

Buck: “Oh shoot.”


Created by: Blair – TGON – Steven Universe. All screencaps are copyrighted by Cartoon Network.


I can completely empathize with Sadie’s struggle dealing with her mom. Barb Miller is eager to support her daughter and their success as a group, but it makes it difficult for Sadie to enjoy being in the band. Sadie deserves to take charge of her life, and do things without her mother’s help.

Created by: Blair – TGON – Steven Universe. All screencaps are copyrighted by Cartoon Network.


Greg’s agreeing to become a manager for Sadie Killer and the Suspects makes my heart so happy. I love that his musical past as Starchild and his knowledge of booking gigs and making merch have helped the group successfully book a gig in Empire City. And the reference to Buck receiving guitar lessons from “Shirt Club” was perfect.

Steven designing the merch for Sadie Killer and the Suspects. Created by: Blair – TGON – Steven Universe. All screencaps are copyrighted by Cartoon Network.

At least since Greg received the big check from Marty, Greg doesn’t have to worry about doing the job pro bono.

Sunshine Justice is the coolest entertainment woman I’ve ever seen. I just feel bad that Sadie mistook her for Barb in the audience during their performance. Sadie did an awesome job, though, singing her heart out and looking so ethereal performing a new song.

Sunshine references Greg’s Starchild day when she says, “Reminds me of your old Space gimmick, except people actually like it.” after Sadie Killer and the Suspects finish their set at the venue.

That joke is perfect and made me laugh because the Crewniverse is unafraid to make fun of other characters, and remind the viewers just how interconnected Steven Universe truly is.

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