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Thoughts On the Possible LEAKED Dark Phoenix Plot

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A few days ago there was a now-deleted Reddit post about the leaked plotline of the upcoming X-men film, Dark Phoenix. Now again this hasn’t been confirmed and I couldn’t find the username of the original post but it has made waves and was an interesting read. Full disclaimer this could be all fiction or just a troll but I did get some thoughts from reading this “leak”.

I won’t post too much information here about the leak but a simple google search will do if you really want to read it your self. Let pretend this is all fact for the sake of this article. If this is all true then its clear as day that Matthew Vaughn was the saving grace of the X-men film and not Simon Kinberg as many would have assumed.  This is Kinberg’s first time directing the film. He also wrote the script as well.

The story itself seems something Fox would produce and very similar to other films in the Fox/X-men universe.  However, It seems like a watered-down version of the comic that just retraces old grounds. The twist and turns seem out of random and deaths of specific characters seem odd and forced. Certain characters are made to be villains which I don’t believe will go over with longtime fans of the film series.  It seems like the Spiderman Three of the Fox/X-men films. I do hope this leak is wrong because otherwise, they have wasted their wonderful cast on a lackluster story. With Fox pushing this and New Mutants, we won’t know for sure if these leaks were real till 2019. Keep checking out The Game of Nerds for all your Dark Phoenix coverage!

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