Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle?

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Normally I focus on fan-favorite television show, The Big Bang Theory, but since that’s currently on hiatus, I thought I’d give you all something to think about.

Anyways, as I was on a break from TBBT, I surfed Netflix and started watching Quantico for the first time (in whatever little time I got!). I must tell you, despite being an Indian and a Bollywood lover, I openly confess that I don’t like Priyanka Chopra (playing lead as Alex Parrish) that much. (Putting aside some roles, of course!)

But, naturally there is a ‘but’ to that. After I started watching Quantico, I liked it so much that I want to spare some extra time and finish the seasons. I just loved Johanna Braddy (playing Shelby Wyatt) in it. Those who haven’t watched Quantico, go for it. I totally recommend it.

Coming to the title, as we are in Comedy genre section right now, I would like to ask you people, as audience, whom do you like more – Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle? This could be very easy for someone to decide, but I really had difficulty preferring one over the other. Although, I liked them both, I felt Kevin is way too fast to understand sometimes and some of Dave’s jokes are not that funny. I read an interesting thing about Mr. Hart that he is only the second comedian to get listed in Forbes’ list after, of course, Mr. Seinfeld! He earned about $87.5 m in the year 2015-16! Isn’t that an exciting figure?

(If I knew stand up comedy brings that much money to the table, I would still have chosen writing. 😀 )

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Let us know in the comments, whom do you like better.

Thanks and see you all at the next episode review.




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