Versailles: The Hidden Gem of Netflix

Recently while looking for something to watch I stumbled upon Versailles.  It looked interesting enough so I decided to give it a go.  The show was amazing.

VERSAILLES Saison 1 - Episode 2
Picture source: Versailles, Netflix

Versailles is a soap opera set in the reign of Louis XIV, the show portrays Louis as a young man with big plans while trying to make sure those who are against him do not kill him.  The scene is set during the construction of the Versailles palace.  Louis, played by George Blagdan, is a strong king who is faced with his nobles in France starting to rebel.  Louis pulls a power move to counter the nobles by inviting them to the grandiose palace which he has constructed and basically does not let them leave until they are united under him.

versailles 3
Picture Source: Versailles, Netflix

The show is a grown up version of Reign with elements of Game of Thrones.  It may not be the most historically accurate but it does give heaps of drama with the scandals that only a royal palace can hold.

VERSAILLES Saison 1 - Episode 1
Picture Source: Versailles, Netflix

The show is available on Netflix with 2 seasons ready to be streamed.

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