‘SNL’ Top 4: Sterling K. Brown

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Will Heath/NBC

This fangirl’s dreams came true on Saturday when Sterling K. Brown hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. I tried really hard not to have too high of expectations because it was Sterling’s first time hosting and it’s a tough gig. Of course as always the This Is Us star and two time Emmy Award winning actor rose to the occasion and completely hit it out the park. Was every sketch a 10? Nope. I still don’t understand that Sasquatch sketch but from the moment he began the monologue it was clear that Sterling  came to play.

#1 Family Dinner

This sketch is for the fangirl in all of us. It completly captures that feeling of rage and disbelief you feel when someone disses your favorite movie.

#2 This Is Us

A clever twist on This Is Us but the characters are far more tragic.

#3 Monologue

The best part of the monologue is Sterling’s Kenan Thompson impression.

#4 Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

Alex Moffat and Mikey Day have officially earned their right to be upgrade to cast members.

Bonus: Family Feud – Oscar’s Edition

This wasn’t my favorite sketch by far, but I feel it’s necessary to share for Kate’s Frances McDormand impression alone.

Saturday Night Live returns on April 7 with host Chadwick Boseman.


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