Theory On The Title for Avengers 4

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When Avengers 3 and 4 were announced they originally had the titles ‘Infinity War Part 1 & Infinity War Part 2″ attached to them. Since then we were told by the Russo brothers that both films will stand on their own and deserves different names.

We got the title card for Avengers 3 but still in the dark for Avengers 4. We have speculated names like Infinity War or Infinity Gantlet and so on.  According to the Russo brothers, there is a valid reason for why we haven’t been told the name of Avengers 4. There has been the rumored of the title itself spoils the ending of Infinity War.

Personally, I think the sequel to Ininfity War will actually be titled Infinity War Part 2. We were told by Marvel studios that the films will be stand-alone and not have a cliffhanger. However what if this is just a trick so when we are watching the film we get a major cliffhanger to shock audiences. What better way to have Avengers be a strong continuation of Avengers 3 then it being just one long film that is split in half. Now I know from a storytelling standpoint this idea is problematic. But I do think its possible. Infinity War ending in a blood batch with the heroes defeated but a handful who manage to survive. The film ends on a bleak note much akin to the Dark Knight. The post credit scenes serving as hope for the Infinity War to continue for another day then boom, title card: Infinity War…. Part 2

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