‘SNL’ Top 4: Charles Barkley

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Will Heath/NBC

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t too excited when it was announced that Charles Barkley would be hosting SNL for the fourth time. It’s nothing against him personally, but atheletes don’t always make the best hosts. They’re usually not the best at remembering their lines because their not actors and can be really awkward. I was pleasantly surprised that we got a few solid sketches from the night. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Barkley didn’t stumble through some of his lines, but overall it was an enjoyable show. Of course the fact that the writers were just coming off of a break didn’t hurt because the topics weren’t in short supply. Here are the top four sketches from the night.

#1 Con Ed Repair

Charles and some of the men of SNL play construction workers who are holding back some deep desires in this refreshing sketch.

#2 Presidential Address Cold Open

This almost falls under the category of “it’s not funny because it is true” but still manages to make us laugh though the pain.

#3 Harassment Awards

These fictional sexual predators of Hollywood get the attention and accountability they deserve at The Grabbies.

#4 Roach Product

Ok, so this just might be me, but I LOVED this faux commercial. It was the right amount of political, ridiculous, and relevant. Also because it was prerecorded it went pretty smoothly.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC at 11:30/10:30c.


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