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Hi all, after the announcement fro WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) I am sure you all are as pumped up as me for this upcoming meta shift. Jace the Mind Sculptor (JTMS) and Bloodbraid Elf (BBE)(link to the card photos) are some very powerful magic cards. But the cards ask us all one very important question, what the heck do I play at my weekly modern tournament now? I have three decks in the tank for this upcoming wonderland.

#1 Zombie Loam:

Initially, a deck designed by Rachel Levi a Pro Tour Hall of Famer, Zombie Loam is a very powerful and resilient deck in modern. More of a longer game grinder than a glass cannon like its sibling dredge, Zombie Loam looks to exploit the power of Zombie infestation and Life from the Loam to stall out and eventually overwhelm its opponent.

This has been my pet deck for years, only to be played when the metagame is dredge light, as it is right now Loam style decks have a good chance to take a lot of games with all the graveyard hate light sideboards in modern.

Why do I think this will be a strong deck to use against JTMS and BBE? JTMS is a finisher for Grindy midrange or control decks, these decks rely on spot removal and counterspells to generate an advantage over the opponent. Playing recursive card like Life From the Loam and Flame jab cause counterspells to become less relevant and our creature sweet of Bloodghasts, Prized Amalgums and unearth creatures make spot removal dead draws for our opponent.

BBE is typically a Jund card, creating a value creature that usually cascades into a spell that is a one for one. But our deck is built to run over decks who just want to one for one. With recurring spells, a one for one trade always ends up in our favor because we can get our one back. I have always ran over Jund in testing and I don’t foresee any change in the future even with BBE.

Zombie Loam is a deck with a lot of avenues of play, every decision from the start of your first turn is rarely easy or straightforward. Being a complicated deck it is not an easy one to just pick up and play but I do recommend it to any player who loves graveyard based synergies and having a lot of options every turn.

#2 Black-White Pox

Another pet deck for me, very similar strengths to Zombie Loam, BW Pox is a control deck that is built around the idea of breaking the symmetry of smallpox to deplete your opponent’s resources and generates value for us.

I play smallpox to live the dream of casting a turn two smallpox and then using ghost quarters and field of ruins as strip mines for the rest of the game. Bloodghast is a real powerhouse in every game and our planeswalker package includes my favorite nonland win con Sorin.

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Why do I think this will be a strong deck to use against JTMS and BBE?

This deck has game against JTMC and BBE for similar reasons to Zombie Loam. The recursive spells and hand disruption gives us a major edge against control or midrange strategies like those of JTMS decks.

Smallpox is a powerhouse, when playing in magical Christmas land of a turn one Flagstones of Trakair into turn two uraborge/ Fedid Heath casting smallpox discarding bloodghast and sacrificing flagstones to put them into play.

We may have a strong matchup against control, but one for one decks like Jund are very good against a lot our win conditions. To help increase our odds of winning I play more copies of cards such as lingering souls to help create difficult threats to deal with efficiently.

If you enjoy land destruction and bleeding your opponent dry, then BW smallpox is the deck for you.

#3 Titan shift

Scapeshift has been one of the consistent decks to beat in modern for years. This lean combo deck is very resilient and redundant that it makes it hard for midrange and control decks to answer.

Why do I think this will be a strong deck to use against JTMS and BBE?

Scapeshift decks have the ability to consistently win on turn four, meaning on the play we are likely to win before our opponent has the chance to cast JTMS or BBE. Our speed helps with our likely hood to win against a slower strategy like those that JTMS or BBE encourage.

Jund style decks will always be a difficult thing to overcome, but our redundant pieces help with keeping our combo intact in building towards our explosive win.

All these decks are great choices to play in these upcoming weeks, I personally will be playing Zombie Loam in an attempt to turn it further for the meta-shift. I hope that everyone has a fun playing their own pet deck, if you have any suggestions or improvements please leave a comment below!




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