What The Success of The Joker Orgin Film Could Mean For The DCEU

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With the Martin Scorsese’s produced Joker film start shooting next month, there has been a lot of speculations around the film. For me personally, I couldn’t help to think what this film could mean to both WB and DCEU.

If the film is a huge success both critically and financially this could change how WB moving forward.  I can see WB producing stand-alone films where each film is in different universes or “earths”. The Joker film could take place on earth 2 and a flash stand alone film could be on earth 3 and so on. If these films do better by fans we could see more out of these “outside of the DCEU” films. I wouldn’t be surprised if the studios and filmmakers pulling the best elements out of each earth to provide a better and stronger team up film. If a villain from earth 3 is loved by fans and a Joker Film is praised wildly by audiences then we could be some form of cross-pollination in a future Justice League film. We could get a couple of charters that are liked from the DCEU travel to earth 2 batting a villain from earth 3 to make an all different kind of DC film.

Here we can still get our team up film but in a way that is new and different from the MCU. We could get a film where we get The Flash teaming up with three different versions of himself being play be different actors fighting a villain from one of their Earths.  I know this is just wishful thinking but this could correct a lot of the problems WB been having with the DCEU.  DC comics has stories from 52 earths to tell on the big screen. So why not starting exploring them?


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