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Gotham is back, and with it comes Jerome!

At the end of the first half of Season 4 of Gotham, we received a small scene regarding our favorite ginger, (Aside from me) Jerome “The Joker” Valeska, played by one of my personal favorite actors, Cameron Monaghan! Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of him in the returning premiere episode, but he recently posted two separate photos to his Instagram, @CameronMonaghan! They both show scenes between himself and Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot – played by fan-favorite Robin Lord Taylor. From what I can tell, the two either get super friendly, or it turns into a hair-pulling and nail-scratching cat fight. Check out the photos below, be sure to follow Cameron on Instagram, (as well as the other cast members!) and let us know what you think!

Jerome Valeska Instagram
Photo courtesy of Cameron Monaghan’s instagram – Gotham – Fox
Oswald Cobblepot Instagram
Photo Courtesy of Cameron Monaghan’s instagram – Gotham – Fox


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