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Robbin’ Season Is Here, ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premieres Tonight

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Whatever Donald Glover touches turns to gold, so it was really no surprise that his show Atlanta hit as hard as it did when it first premiered in 2016. It netted him Golden Globes and Emmys and now it’s back after a long hiatus for a second going. At the end of the first season, Earn had finally started to find his footing in becoming the manager of his rapper cousin, Alfred (known as Paper Boi in the rap game). Paper Boi was gaining more traction, scoring interviews on tv and club apperances, though each of these had some setbacks. Despite all of this, Earn still spent his nights hopping between couches he could crash on or a storage unit that is probably the closest thing he has to a home, even though his ex-girlfriend/baby momma Van still seems to harbor feelings for him and would gladly allow him to stay at her crib if he so desired. But we’ve seen that’s not the man Earn is, he has to do things on his own terms and hopefully this season fairs better for him.

Sadly, that may not be the case as Donald Glover has said this season will be darker than the previous, set around the “Robbin’ Season” of Atlanta. This is the period of time before Christmas where robberies are at a all-time high and as Darius, Earn and Alfred’s friend, says in the trailer below: “Everybody’s gotta eat.” Season 2 will once again consist of 10 episodes that are sadly only 30 minutes long, but I’m just glad more Atlanta is here. Check it out on FX tonight at 10/9c.

FX Network
FX Network
FX Network

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