Kingdom Come – The Basics

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was hyped as a Skyrim-esque, open world Medieval RPG with a focus on the details. Boy, they were not lying about the attention to details. Before getting started in Kingdom Come there are definitely some things to be prepared for. The game itself can be extremely intimidating. If you go into it strictly expecting something like Skyrim you will be in for a surprise. The systems in Kingdom Come are on a whole new level compared to other RPGs. The combat takes timing and skill to master. Death will become a common risk you take in every decision you make. So here is a simple spoiler free beginners guide in an attempt to help in the early stages of the game.

Advice on getting started

The first thing you need to realize is that this game is ONLY FIRST PERSON. If you’re like me and prefer to be able to switch between first and third depending on what I’m doing you’re going to be sorely disappointed. But, this was intentional as the developers really wanted it to feel like you were in this world.

Now, the beginning part of the game will seem very linear, because it is. The introduction does take some time, but it introduces you to the basics of the game and introduces you to the character you are playing as while allowing you to practice without too much repercussion if you mess up. The early going in the game will be tough to get used to as well, a lot of old RPG habits will need to be broken to get fully adjusted to the gameplay in Kingdom Come. However, once you complete the fairly long introduction, the world will open up and give you more possibilities.

As in most RPGs, you will gain skills and perks that will make things (slightly) easier as you progress. Just keep in mind, the game tries to be as realistic as possible, so no magic, no superpowers, no “god-mode”.

Combat can get frustrating. Besides the occasional bugs that the game still rocks now and again, combat in itself will take time to master. Don’t be upset if you die to the same bandits a few times before you beat them down. The game does not reward button mashing. Combat focuses on timing and reaction speed. You’ll need to evaluate your enemy before engaging, deciding which weapon and armor will best help you topple your foe.

Self-care is extremely important in this game. You will starve to death if you don’t eat enough. Eat too much though and it can cause debuffs. You’ll also need to maintain your clothes and armor. Townsfolk will react differently to you if you run into town covered in blood and flailing your weapons. Don’t forget to get some rest too. Sleep is always helpful for a brave adventurer!

Learning New Skills

In Kingdom Come you improve skills through study & practice, but before you can even start studying with books you need to learn to read. Yes, you actually have to find someone who can teach you how to read.

Below are all the skills available to improve upon in the game.

  • Alchemy – Used for brewing potions.
  • Drinking – Toughens you against the effects of Alcohol.
  • Herbalism – Allows you to collect more Herbs with a single action.
  • Horsemanship – Determines your horse’s stamina and how often it’ll rear up.
  • Hunting – Increases the amount of meat and other items that you can gain from animals.
  • Lockpicking – Allows you to more easily crack open harder locks.
  • Maintenance – Lets you repair weapons and armor items.
  • Pickpocketing – Increases the chance you can steal an item from someone without being noticed.
  • Reading – Lets you character actually read books.
  • Stealth – Decreases the chance you’ll be seen by an enemy character


Increasing Your Stats

Like most RPGs the player character has a set of stats that can be upgraded as you progress through the game. Where you put your stats depends on how you prefer to play the game. Below is a list of each stat and what they affect.


  • Agility – Agility is a measure of your speed. Not only can you move faster with a higher Agility statistic, but you also have an increased chance of avoiding enemy attacks entirely, and you’ll also be more accurate with Bows.
  • Vitality – Increased by simply running and climbing, Vitality affects Henry’s overall stamina, the rate at which it regenerates, and how long Henry can last without getting tired.
  • Speech – This Skill affects how well you’re able to persuade someone, into either backing down from combat, or giving you a better price for goods that you’re trying to sell. Speech is improved by talking to people and successful persuasions.
  • Charisma – Influenced by how clean you are and the state of your equipped clothes, Charisma affects how much you impress people.
  • Visibility – The lower this Skill is the better, as it actually affects how easy you are to spot in the environment, affecting how well you can sneak your way around. Visibility is affected by the color of the clothes you’re wearing at the time.
  • Conspicuousness – Dependent on your clothing, this Skill governs how much you’ll stand out in the environment.
  • Noise – Another Skill that’s governed by your weapons and clothing that you have equipped, the Noise Skills affects how likely you are to be heard wherever you go.
  • Speed – Derived from your Agility Statistic, this Skill governs how fast you can walk, run, and sprint.

Top Priorities When You Start The Game

  1. Learn to read!
  2. Stockpile
    • Steal if you must (Just don’t get caught!)
    • Easy way to make money
    • Food stockpiles are especially important.
  3. Talk to everyone you can
    • Talk can open new opportunities
    • You can sometimes talk your way out of combat
    • It’s an easy way to raise your charisma skill
  4. Get a horse
    • You get one for free early on by following the main story
    • You can also buy better ones for a hefty amount of coin
  5. Always keep lockpicks on you
    • They’ll be handy not only for unlocking chests, but you’ll find locked doors blocking your path often.
  6. Stockpile Savior Schnapps (save potions)
    • The game only saves every now and again
    • You can also sleep to save your game
    • Developers are (thankfully) working on a “save on quit” addition in a future patch but no date has been given.



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