I have never been to a Comic Con much less a major one like Emerald City Comic Con. My job is AMAZING! I finally get to go.  I am as giddy as a schoolgirl! There is so much to see and do and buy.

Emerald City Comic Con is taking place in Seattle Washington, also known as The Emerald City hence the name. It is set for March 1st -4th 2018. The location is the Washington State Convention Center. This is another first for me, as I haven’t been here either. I’ve been to Seattle yes, but not the convention center.

I think I am most excited to meet Jim Butcher. I am a writer and as a writer I respect him very much. I also am an avid reader of his series The Dresden Files. Not only does he write The Dresden Files but he writes the Cinder Spires and Codex Alera series also. I am Bringing my husband with me and he is hoping to meet R. A. Salvatore who is the creator of the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden in the Forgotten Realms novels.

Also scheduled to be there are some awesome talents like Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future fame. Jennifer Morrison, who played Emma Swan in Once Upon A Time and Dr. Allison Cameron in House is set to be there. My husband is super psyched about the original Blue Ranger, David Yost being there. I would really like to meet Will Wheaton who is also supposed to be there.

I can’t wait to attend some of the discussions such as the ones for Firefly or Xena who is still the reigning princess of being badass! There are going to be workshops like Crossplay and other Cosplay aspects. Not to mention all the merchandise for sale. Funko Pops, DC items as well as Marvel merchandise.

One more time Emerald City Comic Con is taking place at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle Washington March 1st through March 4th 2018. Be there or be square! Will I see you there? Let me know in the comments below.