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If anyone is even slightly a fan of the Fallout franchise than they surely have to take a look at some of these beauties. Fallout has been such a big part of my little, nerdy life, so if you’re even half the Fallout Fanatic, then these items could be for you.


Vault Boy Plush
Photo Source: Fallout Store

VAULT BOY PLUSH                  Price: $7.99

Including top-notch fabric materials, charming appearance and the famous thumbs up salutation, the Vault Boy Plush is an awesome expansion to your collection of memorabilia.

Fallout Monopoly
Photo Source: Fallout Store

MONOPOLY: FALLOUT COLLECTOR’S EDITION                Price: $31.99

I assume anyone on this website has played monopoly once in their life. If so, (and you can actually tolerate playing without massive amounts of frustration) you should definitely consider the Fallout edition.


Pip boy bag
Photo Source: Fallout Store
Pip boy bag inside
Photo Source: Fallout Store

PIP-BOY MESSENGER BAG                Price: $21.99

If you want to carry some of your important belongings, while feeling like a fallout survivor and champion, then this bag can surely help you accomplish that. The outside of the bag looking like a Pip-Boy and the inside showing the V.A.T.S screen. Excellent purchase.

Fallout Tikis
Photo Source: Fallout Store

FALLOUT GEEKI TIKIS                Price: $55

A set of four tiki cups in the form of a Deathclaw, Power Armor, Vault Boy, and Dogmeat. All cups have a maximum capacity of 14 ounces., which is more than enough to relax yourself to have a drink in peace, without any apocalyptic mayhem bringing you down.

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