Charlie Re-lives Tomb Raider (2013)!

With the live-action Tomb Raider debuting on March 16th, I decided to go back and replay the 2013 video game! (as well as it’s sequel, the article of which will be coming soon!) There are a lot of details I missed in the old one, but if you’d like to compare it, you can read it here! From what I’ve seen of the trailer, it looks to be a combination of both the rebooted video game and it’s sequel, Rise Of The Tomb Raider (2015).  So without further adieu, let’s dive right in to my re-vamped review!

“A famous explorer once said that ‘the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.’ I’d finally set out to make my mark…to find adventure, but instead, adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something…something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us. When all seemed lost, I found a truth…and I knew what I must become.” – Lara Croft

Lara falls off the endurance
Lara falls to the sea – Tomb Raider (2013)

Tomb raider has been with all of us for generations, and when you thought of it prior to playing this reboot, your mind undoubtedly drifted back to the very first game in 1996, where Lara Croft’s character was originally introduced. Now though, your mind will-without hesitation – think of this one, where Lara’s origin story is told.

Now we all know Lara Croft as the sexy British bombshell of an adventurer who seeks knowledge across the oceans. We’ve all seen her encounter the supernatural, and have even enjoyed her character in the live-action movies. (Praise be to Angelina Jolie.) But how did one of the world’s most popular gun-toting heroines get onto this path of bad-assery and Archaeology? The 2013 release of Tomb Raider shows us just what happened.

Lara Croft, a 21 year old, Fresh-out-of-college Archaeologist, has gathered a ship and crew to search for the lost island of Yamatai, rumored to be in the seas west of Japan. Accompanied by her best friend, Sam Nishimura, a supposed direct descendant of Yamatai’s Sun Queen Himiko, Lara persuades the crew to travel east of Japan, into the Dragon’s Triangle. Her hunch to alter their destination comes from the concept that so many other crews had headed west and found nothing – perhaps they were looking in the wrong direction. After taking Lara’s advice and changing course, the ship is caught in a severe storm and gets destroyed. The crew is violently cast into the sea, only to wash up on the very shores of Yamatai.

The shores of Yamatai – Tomb Raider (2013)

The people on the island, shipwrecked as well, have been stranded for so long that they believe the Sun Queen to be real, and that their only hope of escape is to release Himiko and get into her good graces. Lara is forced into battle when she finds Sam kidnapped by the islander’s leader, Mathias. He learns of Sam’s alleged relation to the Sun Queen, and puts her to the test – she apparently passes, and so he’s led to believe that she is the key to their freedom. Lara has to not only save Sam, but reunite with the remaining crew and find a way off the island. In order to save Sam, will Lara stop the worshipers from murdering her on a vendetta revolving around a supposed immortal Queen? Or will she fall into the belief of Himiko and sacrifice one life to save the lives of many? And why does it seem that the storms throughout the island are charged with some mysterious power? Could all of this be connected? You’ll have to play to find out! Throughout the game you’ll get an extensive amount of weapons, with varying capabilities. From the traditional handgun to a hand-made bow-and-arrow set, Lara quickly becomes a formidable opponent to all who face her.

Lara Croft VS the cultists of Yamatai
Examples of the Cultists of Yamatai – Tomb Raider (2013)

This game starts out showing Lara as fresh-faced and innocent, and as you progress through the island, you get to see how battle-hardened she becomes, and how she becomes more willing to do what’s necessary. When I first bought Tomb Raider, I played it 2 times in a row simply because the story was so mind-boggling. To this day, I still consistently play it.

The movie, starring Alicia Vikander, looks almost spot on with its’ video-game-based inspirations, and as it gets closer, I reach entirely new levels of excited. While the first in these installments focused on cultists worshiping a legendary Sun Queen, the second follows Lara as she butts heads with a militaristic group known as The Trinity, and it seems they’re the main villain for the film.

If you’ve never played these games, you absolutely should – and be sure to get hyped for the movie’s release coming up! You can check out more photos from the game in the gallery below!

“I’ve been so blind, so naive. For years, I resented my father, doubted him like the rest…but he was right. I just wish I could tell him that now. There are so many mysteries that I once dismissed as mere stories, but the line between our myths and truths is fragile and blurry. I need to find answers. I MUST understand…”


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