No TBBT, Only Winter Olympics!

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Hellloooo friends,

What’s up? This is your favorite (??!) host and TGON member Hitarth here and as we are still waiting for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory to air, why not take a look at what has occupied TV for this fortnight – the journey (so far) of this Winter Olympics!

This year’s top 5 are –

Norway, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Of course USA!

So, the table toppers are the Norwegians with whopping sum 28 medals (yes in terms of medals, it is whopping) so far! They have been dominating in mostly Cross-country skiing and Ski jumping. (total 16 medals out of 28 in them!)

The second place is held by Germany with 20 medals and they have been favorites this year in Luge, Nordic combined, and Biathlon with 13 medals combined.

Canada (O Canada…) is third with medals and mainly dominating in Bobsleigh, Curling, and Freestyle skiing. Though they are going to break last Olympic’s record of their own. Last year they won a total of 25 medals and this year the estimate is 29! (Yeay…!)

Fourth is the Netherlands with 11 medals in Speedskating of out their total 13 medals so far! Quite impressive.

And the last (but not the least) on top 5 list is the USA! They have won half of their medals in Snowboarding.

. . . and we are still waiting for the episodes to air! Let’s enjoy last few days of the Olympics and then we’ll be back on track!

Have fun, guys.



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  1. I really enjoyed watching the figure skaters. There was some amazing talent out there. I wish they gave out more medals, because there were some really deserving skaters who are walking home empty handed.

    1. Yepp, true. I haven’t actually watched them, but after reading this, I’d surely watch it. Thanks for this. I’ll get to see something amazing tonight! 🙂

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