Weekend Box Office Special – Black Panther

Monday Morning Update: With Sunday numbers coming in late, Black Panther would have the second largest Sunday ever with a $59.5 million take. That pushes the three day weekend total to around $202 million and the four day total to a massive $241 million. That will make it the second largest 4-day total of all time behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($288m).

With the release of Marvel’s Black Panther this weekend, experts were drooling at the possibilities as each day the projected take kept climbing higher and higher. So, how high could Black Panther climb especially being a long weekend and all? With that in mind we’ve decided to make Black Panther the sole focus of this weekend’s box office report. So let’s travel to Wakanda and take a look!

Going into the weekend the positive energy for Black Panther was into the stratosphere with many claiming it to be a huge triumph for Marvel and director Ryan Coogler. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% and a CinemaScore of A+, most were predicting a record-breaking debut for the King of Wakanda. Throw in a long weekend and experts were eyeing a massive 200+ million opening over the four days.

To date, the MCU has had eight films open above $100 million with only one of those earning over $200 million, that being Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012 with a $207 million debut. All time, there have only been four movies ever that opened North of the $200 million mark with Star Wars: The Force Awakens leading the pack with a $247 million opening frame. So, now we have some context let’s see where Black Panther fits in to the all time picture for opening weekends.

Black Panther got off to a smashing start with a $25.2 million take from Thursday night preview screenings. As for Thursday night previews are concerned, this ranks fourth all time for superhero films opening behind Avengers: Age of Ultron ($27.6m), Batman v Superman ($27.7m) and The Dark Knight Rises ($30.5m). As for Friday’s numbers, which typically include the Thursday night previews, Black Panther added another $50.6 million for a Friday total of $75.8 million which places it eighth on the all time list for opening days.

If you don’t include the Thursday night haul, business was up a whopping 33% for Saturday as Black Panther earned $65.8 million which is good enough for fourth all time Saturday takes, edging out The Last Jedi at $63.9 million.¬†As for Sunday, the Marvel film brought in around $50.3 million and that is good enough for fifth all time missing out on the fourth spot by only $1 million, which is where The Last Jedi sits at $51.3 million.

So all in all, over the three days, Black Panther earned $192 million in its debut weekend which is the fifth largest three-day total in film history. The next closest is Marvel’s The Avengers at $207 million as previously stated. The holiday Monday numbers will come in sometime late today but the film is expected to add around $26 million on the holiday and finish around the $218 million mark for the four-day long weekend. That total would give it both the largest February opening and largest President’s Day opening of all time. 2016’s Deadpool previously held both those records but Black Panther beat them easily.

Internationally, the film opened to $169 million overseas for a worldwide total of $361 million, the fifteenth largest opening of all time. That opening however doesn’t’ tell the whole story as it has yet to open in China and Japan, two markets where it’s expected to perform quite well in March.

The audience skewed typically male (55%) and with the strong audience and critic scores and nothing to compete with on the horizon, it seems the skies the limit for Black Panther. Just how high? We’ll have to wait and see but if the numbers hold then the $1 billion mark seems within reach as by applying modest multipliers (x2.5%), the film should easily reach $400 million+ here in North America and $600 million internationally.

Thanks to Black Panther, this year’s total at the box office is up over 6% already and with so many huge titles still to come, it seems 2018 could be a record breaking year for the industry already. And it’s only February after all.

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