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Thoughts On “Joaquin Phoenix Playing The Joker, Maybe”


I’m sure by now you have heard the news of Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play The Joker in the standalone Joker film. Now, this is something I wouldn’t have made up my self. This is both random and great at the same time.  Now so far we know the film is outside the DCEU and set in the 80s. The film is produced by legendary filmmaker, Martin Scorsese.  The film will be helmed by Todd Philip from The Hangover trilogy. Without a doubt, this will be at the best a special game-changing film and at its worst a very interesting collaboration.

For the possibility that our next Joker will be played by Phoenix is very interesting and exciting. Personally, I still want Leo to play this version of the Joker as I think that could be something amazing but I’m also very happy to see Phonix take up the role.  I imagine his take on the charter is something of what we’ve seen in The Master and You Were Never Really Here. I want a deep multi-layered Joker that we hate but care for all at the same time. I want a Joker that is scary as Pennywise but still human for we to relate to him as an audience and I think Phoenix can deliver on that.

We still are very much left in the dark about this film and its production. But after seeing Justice League, a stand-alone film is more than welcomed. This also may be a game changer for WB. They could find success in these stand-alone films and then set up some sort of multiverse type film crossing different version to get or at the very least referencing them. I’m guessing we are about two to three years of seeing this film but with casting being underway we should be getting more and more info on this film.

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