The LEGO Movie Sequel is a Year Away!

And all we really know about it is that it won’t be nominated for an Academy Award!


Surprisingly, that wasn’t really a joke because even though the film is supposed to be released February 2019, we really know next to nothing about the next LEGO adventure.


The first LEGO film was such a fun and surprisingly well-made joy of a movie that it’s really exciting to see that it got a sequel, but it also seems like it’s going to be a difficult movie to make a sequel out of. Chris Pratt has even pointed out himself that a sequel would be hard to write a script for due to the fourth wall break during the final act of the original.

But, he did give details over this, saying “that’s a major jump (recalling the tearing of the fourth wall), so they’ve got really awesome ideas on how to deal with that and I can’t wait for people to see it.”


Pratt has even stated that he hasn’t even worked on the bulk of the movie yet and will be starting sometime soon to finish it off. Details over the movie have been under wraps for a while and even had a rewrite at a point, but seeing the success of all the other LEGO movies like Batman and Ninjago, we know they are capable of keeping a ship afloat so far.

The sequel is still planning to bring back all the major players from the first including Batman and Wyldstyle, and is being directed by Mike Mitchell (Shrek Forever After, Trolls). The film is set to release February 8, 2019.


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