Who’s Going to Be DLC in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

This game is already one of the biggest fighters of all time due to the beloved company of Arcs Systems mixing their creative hands with the epic world of Dragon Ball. But, that almost made me forget… There’s DLC coming! So after having a week to play and master the square button combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ, I’ve become more and more excited for the game’s future. There’s so much potential within all of Dragon Ball, that a massive fan like me can’t think straight when coming up with possibilities for, sadly, only eight more slots.


Now, who’s going to make the cut? Well, I feel like I’ve got a good idea of what’s to come next for the new fighter, but I definitely can’t confirm anything, this is just fun guessing. So, let’s get started with those who won’t make it into the game.


I might love the original Dragon Ball a bit more than Z, but we can all admit that of course King Piccolo, General Tao, General Blue or Android 8 will not make the cut. Master Roshi definitely has the biggest chance of joining the roster especially due to his growth in popularity in Dragon Ball Super.



FighterZ is obviously filled with Dragon Ball Z characters, but are there any left that can be DLC? I don’t think so.



Now I feel like Super Buu is the most popular and well known out of all the Buus in the Buu Saga, but if he wasn’t in the game day one, it’s most likely that he lost his chance when Kid Buu was announced after Majin Buu was already in the game.



I do not understand why so many people want Raditz in the game. He was killed off way too soon to really show off anything he could do and even if he did, he’s still canonically confirmed to have the same strength as a Saibaman… a Saibaman! Yeah, he looks kind of cool and should have gotten more time to grow since he was Goku’s brother, but he didn’t. So, no. Raditz will not be DLC.



There is a very obvious absence of female fighters in the game, but that doesn’t mean Arc Systems will add any woman who’s been in Dragon Ball. Yes, Videl fights for a very limited time in the Buu Saga and after that, she never fights again. I would rather see Chi Chi make it into the game than Videl.



I love the Martial Arts Champion of the World and the Savior of the Earth as much as the next guy. But, he would just be way too overpowered and unfair to fight against to make the roster.


Alright, this is a big one, this will definitely piss some people off. But these are MY predictions.



He won’t be in the game. Jiren has not gotten a single drop of character development and nothing that can really justify him being in the game. The only thing I can see helping his chances is his fanbase, that for the life of me can’t understand.


I don’t hate GT, I love the Super Saiyan 4 designs, but since GT isn’t canon it loses some credibility to join the game.


Alright! Now that I got those out of the way. Here’s who I think will make it into the game.

  • Kefla
  • Fused Zamasu
  • Vegito (SSGSS)
  • Bardock
  • Broly
  • Android 17
  • Cooler
  • Janemba (Final Form)

Let’s talk about these real quick.

Kefla: Caulifla and Kale separately have no chance of joining the game, but having their fused form may interest Arc Systems very much, especially since they’re female and have had their popularity grown immensely.


Fused Zamasu: Yes, we have Goku Black, but Fused Zamasu was the endgame in the Future Trunks Arc in Dragon Ball Super and is another villain to add to the roster filled with lots of heroes.


Vegito (SSGSS): I feel like Vegito is a dead ringer for the DLC since we got both Goku and Vegeta’s SSGSS forms. His fame skyrocketed when he appeared in Super even more so than his appearance in the Buu Saga.


Bardock: With his popularity from the movie and his awesome design, Bardock has a big advantage over most.


Broly: BROLY IS PROBABLY THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE THING FROM DRAGON BALL Z OTHER THAN GOKU. HE WILL BE IN THE GAME. (Fun fact: I don’t like Broly, but he’s going to be in the game.)


Android 17: He has become an amazing asset to the Z Fighters in the Tournament of Power Arc of Dragon Ball Super and has shown so much potential that proves that he deserves his own spot on the roster.


Cooler: Frieza’s very popular brother has one of the most famous movies for Dragon Ball Z which could earn him a spot.


Janemba (Final Form): Janemba has one of the coolest designs in all of Dragon Ball and has so much potential when it comes to a move set. Plus, if we can’t have Pikkon than at least Janemba.


Well there’s my predictions, do you like them? If not, tell me who you think will make it into the game in the comments, we can all make lists!


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