SNL Top 4: Will Ferrell


Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Will Heath/NBC

Will Ferrell hosted SNL for the fourth time on Saturday. As expected he brought back some familiar characters like President George W. Bush and┬áJacob Silj, the man who can’t control his volume. The episode also brought some noteworthy new sketches and characters. Here are my four favorite sketches from the night.

#1 George W. Bush Returns

Good ol’ W. is back and here’s to remind us that we wasn’t actually all that good. Farrell reprised his role of George W. Bush for the upteenth time and still mangaged to keep it fresh with brand new made-up phrases like “Trump synthesizer” and “Fire and Furbies”.

#2 Dinner Discussion

And the award for most relatable sketch goes to? Yep, this awkward dinner discussion was scarily accurate in depicting a group of friends discussing the allegations made against Aziz Ansari.

#3 Reality Stars

Just a good old fashion crazy sketch where the actors break character a little but it doesn’t matter because it’s still hilarious.

#4 Bailey Gismert

Newbie Heidi Gardner has consistently been making a place for herself and this Weekend Update segment is one of my favorite ones she has done. Bailey Gismert is perfectly self-centered and annoying in the best possible way.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC at 11:30/10:30c.


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