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Avengers 4 End Post-Credit Scene Pitch

Fantastic Four
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With the untitled fourth Avengers film wrapping up production I couldn’t help but brainstorm some ideas for what are some future post-credit scenes. Now, of course with the purchase of Fox Studios by Disney, a lot of the ones I thought of are Fantastic Four and X men centered.

With everyone anything online and from Kevin Feige, we aren’t going to get that two properties in the MCU till 2020 or after. So with that in mind, I personally believe we are going to get our first taste of an MCU flavored Fantastic Four reference in Avengers 4.

I don’t think we will get it in the film itself but in a post-credit scene. The scene starts with a shot of a lab and a crew working on the finishing touches. The old Avengers tower is now the Baxter building. Then comes Reed Richards looking at a computer hologram. The hologram is that of a portal. Reed receives a phone call and the hologram starts to gitch. The hologram morphs the portal into a large X before causing a power out. Short, simple and a great introduction to both the FF and a nice easter egg to the X-Men.

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