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Fresh Off the Boat S4:E14 “A Man to Share the Night With” Review

This episode had everything we love about Fresh Off the Boat: Grandma Huang, two solid storylines, a dave development, and more 90’s references than you can swing a baton at [thats our not so subtle excitement for the Nancy Kerrigan guest spot].

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
The episode opens with Louis discovering Eddie shaving for what he thinks is the first time (although Eddie has been sharing a razor with Grandma Huang for months). This triggers Louis’ to go deep intoo proud dad mode and he extends Eddie’s bed time to a “man’s” bedtime, in hopes theyll bond over Letterman (like anyone has ever done that).
This backfires when lonely Dave finds out and wants his only friend with a late bedtime to hangout with him. They galavant and loiter and there’s a tense argument between Eddie and Louis when he gets home so late. Things escalate and are hard to watch up ubtil Dave tells Eddie he wants him to help steal a mannequin — we weren’t kidding when we said Dave was lonely! Eddie has trouble saying no but shows his cunning by starting an argument with his dad to get himself grounded and get rid of Dave so he can seek fatherly advice. Louis proves to be the best tv dad when he takes Eddie to find Dave and stop him from breaking into a store and stealing a mannequin, and provides Dave with the attention and discipline he was acting out for. He even lets both boys join him for Letterman.
Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
The more exciting storyline was the one where Jessica lies to Evan and Emery about Michelle Kwan not winning gold at the 1998 Winter Olympics. Against Grandma Huang’s judgement, Jessica destroys the recording and lies to the boys because she doesn’t want them seeing that you can still fail after doing everything right. As expected, Honey spills the beans when she comes in with her Lapinsky hair-do. Jessica makes am attempt to save face by creating a conspiracy theory that it wasn’t the real Michelle Kwan, who had been sabotaged and replaced by a double.
Just when she thinks she will have to confess to the boys they come in with a compelling presentation aboht suspicious behaviour surrounging Michelle and the 98 Winter Olympics. Honey helps thr boys research and even gets them an “”in” with figure skating insider and gkssip Nancy Kerrigan [who Honey worked with doing makeup for Broadway on Ice’s Cats].
Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
The cameo is hilarious, Nancy debunks all of their theories, and tells them to be careful with conspiracy theories [a light heartrd nod to the Harding scandal, and topical with the recent success of I, Tonya].
The final twist is a double, under Kerrigan’s signature was written “theyre watching me, keep digging” but then Emery discretely calls out Evan for writing it in himself with a noticably thinner sharpie, but he only did it to make Jessica happy. A perfect


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