Nerdy Merchandise: Dresses Edition

Stars Wars: The Last Jedi just came out. Those who attended the premiere, like me, witnessed a parade of men and women dressed up as their favorite characters. Many fans did not hesitate to go all out with their costumes. I saw stormtroopers, ewoks, and Yodas, oh my! I can tell you what’s in my closet; I have an R2D2 dress as well as a Bb8 dress. Here are my nerdy dress picks in order from most practical to most outrageous.

1) C3PO Dress

Photo Source: KawaiianPizzaApparel Etsy Shop

C3PO Dress $50

2) The Hulk Dress

the hulk dress.jpg
Photo Source:

Bonanza $21.99

3) Princess Leia Hooded Dress

Leia costume
Photo Source:

Walmart $39.95

4) Belle from Beauty and The Beast

Photo Source:

Amazon $50.00

5) Wonder Woman Dress

Photo Source: $29.99

6) Game of Thrones Khalessi Dress

Photo Source:

Amazon $40.00

7) Padme Amidala Dress

Photo Source: Cosplay Park


Cosplay Park $121

8) SuperGirl Dress

Photo Source: Amazon

Rubie’s – Amazon $109

9) Mystique Dress

mystique dress.jpg
Photo Source:

Webcosplay $79.99

10) Chewbacca Dress

Photo Source: Amazon

Amazon $19.99

Incorporate a fan girl dress into your everyday wardrobe or pick out something outrageous to knock the socks off of everyone. There are lots of options out there, that is for sure. I always like to say that you are never too old to get dressed up and go to a movie. What is the craziest nerdy outfit you have worn in public? Comment below or tag us on social media with your nerdy dresses!


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